'Almighty Johnsons' novelised in BeyondTheStory app

'Almighty Johnsons' novelised in BeyondTheStory app

App producer BeyondTheStory is producing a novelisation app to link in with the UK debut of "The Almighty Johnsons".

The New Zealand TV comedy-drama, which will be broadcast for the first time in the UK on the Syfy channel today (28th September), follows four brothers who are descended from Norse gods. "The Almighty Johnsons" is on its third season in New Zealand and Canada, while Australia and the US are also due to screen it later this year.

The BeyondTheStory iPad app (£2.49) provides a full novelisation of the first series' 13 episodes, as well as behind-the-scenes content from the set of the show, including interviews with the cast.

BeyondTheStory c.e.o. Jen Porter said: "With this app now live for fans on the Apple store we’ve written each show and created all the supporting content, with images, audio, behind-the-scenes video, 3D content, and real-time updates. We even have a Kiwi lingo guide for those who want to get the Antipodean accent on-form.”

It is the first time that BeyondTheStory has teamed with a TV production company, South Pacific Pictures, to produce an app. It has previously partnered with a film studio for After Earth: Kitai's Journal, made with Sony Pictures Entertainment/Overbrook, and book publishers on other projects such as The Wind in the Willows.