Allison & Busby redesigns site

Allison and Busby has redesigned its website to further promote its books and become more interactive with readers. The website, which will launch on 6th March, will include podcasts, interviews, free tasters, and &ldquo;direct&rdquo; access to authors with an Ask the Author feature.<br /><br />&quot;More and more publishing is becoming a digital thing,&quot; said Chiara Priorelli, publicity manager. &quot;Previously our website merely served as an online catalogue. We felt it was time to make it much more useful and interactive.&quot;<br /><br />The look of the website will be &quot;totally revamped&quot; and will feature a quote of the week and four books of the month. There will also be an online book club, suggesting good reads for book groups, and a Writers Corner where authors will give tips on writing.<br /><br />Priorelli said that the publisher would be focusing on online promotion and would be &quot;stepping up [its] presence&quot;. &ldquo;We believe the new site will be a useful tool for anyone interested in who and what we publish&mdash;be it readers, wannabe writers, reviewers and others in the trade.&rdquo; <br />