Allen Lane confirms Thatcher biog details

Penguin imprint Allen Lane has released the jacket image for its authorised biography of Margaret Thatcher, and confirmed publication date for 23rd April.

Margaret Thatcher The Authorized Biography, Volume One: Not For Turning by former Telegraph editor Charles Moore, will be published less than a week after the former prime minister's funeral on 17th April.

The book was commissioned in 1997 on the understanding that it would only be published following Thatcher¹s death. It will be released as a £30 hardback and £18 e-book, with Alfred A Knopf publishing in the US. Moore is currently completing the second, concluding volume of the biography, Herself Alone.

Booksellers have reported a huge spike in sales of Thatcher-related titles in the past week, with Waterstones seeing a 300% rise in sales in the 24 hours following her death from a stroke on Monday (8th April). The most popular titles were Thatcher's two volumes of memoirs published by HarperPress. The memoirs were published yesterday (9th) as a single, abridged volume, retitled Margaret Thatcher: The Autobiography (£30 hardback
and £19.99 e-book).

Other publishers have also changed their schedules in the wake of the news, with Bloomsbury bringing forwards publication of Damian Barr's memoir of growing up in the 1980s, Maggie and Me, and Tindal Street Press moving forward the paperback release of Anthony Cartwright¹s novel How I Killed Margaret Thatcher.

Radical publishers and bookshops are also seizing the moment. Verso Books has commissioned a number of pieces on the right-wing leader from its authors to run on its website, while Pluto Press has compiled a reading list of its Thatcher-related books, and is selling them all at a 25% discount through their website. Meanwhile Elaine Power, owner of the radical bookshop Word Power in Edinburgh, reported strong sales of T-shirts bearing anti-Thatcher slogans.