Ali Muirden sets up as audio publisher

<p>After leaving Macmillan Audio after 27 years, Ali Muirden has set up a digital publishing company with audiobook narrator, Lorelei King. Creative Content will be releasing it&#39;s first audio-only titles on 5th December.</p><p>The first titles to be published will be part of a group of guide-books called The Lowdown Series. Two books will focus on business etiquette in China and Russia. The other two guides will inform readers on how to improve their professional speech and career prospects in the UK and USA.</p><p>&quot;I was inspired by a couple of titles that were download only,&quot; said Muriden. &quot;I had an almost light-bulb moment. I wanted to commission specifically for that market instead of converting books that had been written anyway.&quot;</p><p>After the launch of the first four titles, Creative Content is planning to release six more books next year.<br /><br /></p>