Alex Jones to publish 'survival guide' for older new mums

Alex Jones to publish 'survival guide' for older new mums

TV presenter Alex Jones is publishing her first book with Blink Publishing in spring 2018 - a "survival guide" for new mums.

The presenter of BBC1's "The One Show", who recently returned to the programme after giving birth to son Teddy, will chart her experience of being a first-time mum at 40 in Winging It! A Survival Guide for New Mums, covering the specific challenges of parenthood when it arrives that bit later in life.

Described as "frank, warm and hugely entertaining", questions it will tackle include: "Will I look ancient at the school gates?", "Can my body handle this?", "Will I still have a career when I come back from maternity?" The aim of the book, according to Jones, is to offer "surprising facts that nobody tells you" as well as being a "laugh along tool". 

It follows on from a BBC2 documentary Jones made about fertility last year, "Fertility & Me", which she said had made her realise just how many people were becoming parents a bit later than expected.

"Along with the sheer joy of falling pregnant there are also plenty of unexpected twists and turns, and the realisation that most new parents are still pretty lost when it comes to the parenting game, and not just the over 30s," said Jones. "Being a mother is being judged... but in this book myself and lots of other mums and dads will put ourselves on the line and candidly share some of our stand out moments, good and bad. I want the book to help in arming 'parents to be' with some of the surprising facts that nobody tells you, while being a 'laugh along tool' for those experiencing the same highs and lows as they read. We're all in it together.”

Natalie Jerome, licensing and brand director of Kings Road Publishing, acquired world rights from Paul Stevens and Laura Hill at the Independent Talent Group Ltd. It will be published under the Blink Publishing imprint in hardback on 8th February 2018.