Cheerio hosts two-day exhibition and event with Alderton and Birch

Cheerio hosts two-day exhibition and event with Alderton and Birch

Literary imprint and film production company Cheerio is hosting a free two-day Francis Bacon exhibition featuring a live poetry showcase and a ticketed in conversation event with Dolly Alderton and author James Birch (pictured). 

Hosted at London's Saatchi Yates Gallery in Mayfair, the event will include work by Francis Bacon obtained from the Francis Bacon Estate, and that of writers, artists and filmmakers including Greta Bellamacina, Jeremy Deller, Bella Freud, Blondey McCoy and D B C Pierre.

A live poetry session, held in collaboration with the White Review and Offord Road Books, will feature young poets including A K Blakemore, Sarah Fletcher, Niall McDevitt, Stephanie Sy-Quia and Kandace Siobhan Walker, winner of the White Review’s Poet’s Prize 2021. 

A £20 ticketed in-conversation event between journalist, broadcaster and novelist Alderton and curator Birch about love, art, time and place, to mark the publication of Birch's memoir Bacon in Moscow, will also take place in the evening on 26th January. The ticket price includes a copy of the memoir and booking fees. 

Hatchards will also present a pop-up bookshop featuring a "Bacon-inspired" selection of titles. Displays created exclusively for the occasion, curated by Cheerio writers and artists including Bellamacina, Deller, Bella Freud, Pierre and Thompson, will also be showcased throughout the venue. Highlights of Cheerio Films include "Triptych", directed by choreographers Holly Blakey, and "The Lady in the Lake" by cinematographer, filmmaker and DJ Joe Fletcher. 

Clare Conville and Harriet Vyner, co-founders of Cheerio, said: "According to Francis Bacon, ‘the job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery’. We have curated this 48-hour event to provide exactly that, with elements that will amuse, fascinate and entertain Bacon fans and enquiring minds with an artist bent.”

The exhibition will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 .pm. on 26th and 27th January.