Albertine and Parker to Faber

Albertine and Parker to Faber

Faber creative director Lee Brackstone has secured world language rights to Harry Parker’s début, Anatomy of a Soldier, from Matthew Hamilton at Aitken Alexander.

The novel is about the rehabilitation of a soldier following an IED blast, as told through 45 narrators, ranging from fellow soldiers to insurgents and inanimate objects such as prosthetic legs and a bag of fertiliser. Rights have sold in the US (Knopf), France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain.

Brackstone said: "This is unlike any 'war' novel I have ever read. The experiment of having the book narrated by objects within the orbit of Tom Barnes is compellingly realised. 45 different narrators - a pistol, night vision goggles, a prosthetic limb, a bag offertliser - accumulate to create a novel of extraordinary humanity and hope out of a hopeless and dehumanising experience. It takes its place in a long and rich line of novels that articulate the experience of being a soldier."

Brackstone also bought UK and Commonwealth rights to the sequel to Viv Albertine’s memoir Clothes Clothes Clothes, Music Music Music, Boys Boys Boys, which Faber published in 2014. The deal was struck with RCW’s Georgia Garrett; Faber will publish in 2016. 

Speaking about the success of Albertine's previous book, Brackstone said: "Publication of Clothes Music Boys was another milestone in the development of the Faber Social list and its success has created a landscape for Viv that she is keen to navigate in her own inimitably fearless fashion. This book is less memoir and more window on the world as Viv sees it today. Every fan of Clothes Music Boys is in for a treat."