Alan Sutton returns again

<p>Alan Sutton is planning a return to the world of local interest and specialist history publishing with the launch of a new company this August. Amberley Publishing, which will be based in Sutton&#39;s native Gloucestershire, is currently recruiting, and has plans to grow the team to 30 by this time next year. Sutton, who is heading up the venture, told <em>The Bookseller</em>: &quot;We are launching at the moment, and more information will follow.&quot;</p><p>Forthcoming titles from Amberley include <em>The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson, Volumes One and Two</em>, by Francis E Witts, and <em>The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Lady </em>by Agnes Witts. The rest of its product development is currently under wraps. &quot;Our plans are going to be announced shortly, and we are confident our new products will bring an entirely new dimension to local and specialist history publishing,&quot; Amberley&#39;s website said.</p><p>The website also requested authors and potential staff to &quot;make contact, and then come and see us to talk face to face&quot;. It added: &quot;Notwithstanding the economic gloom, we have faith in our people and in our new and exciting products, and we know we shall thrive. We hope to encourage the right people to join us to share in the fun one gets from building something new and successful.&quot;</p><p>Last December, Sutton left NPI Media Group, which he set up in order to buy back Sutton Publishing along with a number of other imprints, after it was bought out by The History Press. He then acquired the assets of the printing side of his former business, Oaklands Book Services, through new company Asterim in February.</p><p>Sutton played down any current association with THP, which has been criticised by authors for failure to pay royalties. The Society of Authors said it had received &quot;conflicting reports&quot; from authors owed royalties, with secretary general Mark Le Fanu saying that while some authors have received full or partial payment, others had still not seen any remuneration. No one from THP was available for comment.</p><p>Le Fanu characterised the situation as having &quot;stabilised markedly, but not satisfyingly&quot;, and stressed the number of staff departures had made it increasingly difficult for those dealing with THP. The most recent departure from the company came from Martin Palmer, sales director, who resigned a fortnight ago, THP confirmed.</p>