Agents' Twitter 'pitch day' attracts 2,000

Agents' Twitter 'pitch day' attracts 2,000

Curtis Brown and Conville & Walsh received more than 2,000 pitches for books on the first Twitter #PitchCB day.

Held on Friday 24th July, #PitchCB invited unpublished writers to tweet a one-line pitch for their work.

Agents from Curtis Brown and Conville & Walsh looked at the pitches throughout the day, favouriting any they liked. Any users whose tweets were favourited by agents can now submit to that agent via Curtis Brown’s online submissions portal.

There were around 100 favourites, although some tweets could have been favourited by more than one agent, said the agency.

Curtis Brown said that #PitchCB reached more than 2.6m people on Twitter, with the hashtag #PitchCB seen more than 5.3m times, and the hashtag trending throughout the day.

#PitchCB was hosted by Richard Pike and Rebecca Ritchie of Curtis Brown. Pike said: “We chose Twitter because there are so many author groups already on there, and it was a space where it made sense for us to be.”

Ritchie said: “It meant we reached a different audience than normal.”

Pike said it also removed geographical barriers, with pitches received from across the world.
“140 characters gives a good indication [of how good a writer is] because if you’re able to capture an idea in that limit it shows you have a talent with words,” said Pike.

#PitchCB will be held on the fourth Friday of every month, with the next event on Friday 28th August.