New Agatha Christie app starring 'Game of Thrones' actor

New Agatha Christie app starring 'Game of Thrones' actor

TELL and Agatha Christie Productions (ACP) have launched a new storytelling app based on Christie's short story collection The Mysterious Mr Quin, starring "Game of Thrones" actor Gethin Anthony in the lead role.

The Mr Quin app was released to the Apple App Store today (12th November) and billed as the first ‘digital drama’ of its kind, as well as the first contemporary adaptation to feature Christie's supernatural duo, Quin and Satterthwaite.

Actor Anthony, who played Renly Baratheon on "Game of Thrones", plays Mr Satterthwaite, a magazine editor whose live blog - taken over by the mysterious Mr Quin - is at the heart of a dark and sinister secret fast unraveling.

The story, written by Kenny Emson, is timed to give a sense of pressure, say its creators, propelling the audience through an array of content and, set during a party for London’s social elite, ultimately funnels down to one of Christie's classic denouements.

As a "multimedia stream with social functionality", the app allows viewers not only to experience the drama but to share and comment on their favourite content. On reaching the mystery's conclusion, the audience is then able to revisit content, to uncover further details of the plot and continue piecing the puzzle together.

Hilary Strong, c.e.o for Agatha Christie Limited, said: "I often wonder what Christie would have thought of the connected nature of our society today and always come back to this conclusion; that she would have embraced it with the same enthusiasm and vigour that she had for the innovations and opportunities available to her in her lifetime. As both an intrepid woman and one of life's great social observers we think it highly likely that a ground-breaking project like this is what she would relish writing if she were around today."

The production was shot entirely on personal devices (iPhone, GoPro), often by the characters themselves, to feel more like 'real' footage than traditional filming.

Viewers have a choice of ‘on demand’ or scheduled shows: as part of the 'on demand' version, story bricks and social messages are delivered in a timed fashion for readers to scroll through, while in the scheduled shows’ ‘live’ format, viewers can participate within the narrative and communicate with the characters in real time, which its creators credit it in providing "a very personal and ‘in the moment’ feel".

Users of the app will be able to read content including social media feeds.

TELL is an entertainment mobile platform, founded in 2014, which partners with storytellers to create on-demand apps.

A spokesperson for TELL said: "The way we consume entertainment content has changed. Users are looking for experiences that are mobile, highly social and participative. Agatha Christie's contemporary Mr Quin delivers this in spades, placing viewers right at the heart of the action from the start, through the classic Christie twists and turns and finally, to the exhilarating reveal. Both old and new fans will enjoy discovering one of her lesser known and most intriguing characters in such an original and exciting way.”

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or viewed on