Adopt a library authority, says Newton

Bloomsbury chief executive Nigel Newton has called on publishers to "adopt" library authorities facing "decimation, more than decimation."

Speaking at an event on Tuesday (15th March) bringing publishers and librarians together to discuss digital marketing, Newton said: "Bloomsbury will volunteer for Kensington and Chelsea and East Sussex; [executive director] Richard Charkin is adopting Hackney. I ask all publishers to consider adopting an authority, to champion its prosperity and intensively plan events there."

Charity The Reading Agency organised Tuesday's event in a bid to formulate a concrete plan for ways publishers and libraries can work together with digital technology.

TRA director Miranda Mc-Kearney said: "Turbulent things are going on [with libraries], but it's important to keep innovative and developing."

A TRA survey showed 67% of authorities incorporate digital into marketing campaigns, with 40% using social media to engage young people. But squeezed budgets, lack of skilled staff and council IT restrictions are hampering development.

Delegates called for a "one-stop shop" where publishers can load digital marketing materials for libraries to access them, as well as a toolkit for Skype author events, and mentoring to share skills.