Pottermore seeks to 'grow digital retail footprint'

Pottermore seeks to 'grow digital retail footprint'

Companies that don’t adapt to the rapidly shifting media environment risk losing their audience, according to Pottermore chief executive Susan Jurevics, who laid out the company’s shift towards mobile-friendly content at the FutureBook conference today (4th December).

Jurevics said the average Pottermore user is now a young woman who has grown up with J K Rowling's seven Harry Potter books. She is also a smartphone user who is engaged with social media.

“Mobile usage has soared with 2.6bn smartphone subscriptions globally – more than double than in 2012, which was the year of our launch. And that’s expected to nearly triple in the next five years,” Jurevics said, adding: “Our goal is to inform, entertain and delight, on-the-go audiences who are looking for easy-to-access content for smartphones and tablets."

The site, which was relaunched earlier this year, is now “mobile-first”, meaning users can swipe and tap to access content.

It also features news and updates about Harry Potter developments such as the Fanstastic Beasts film. These updates are written by the “Pottermore correspondents” – a team of professional journalists and copywriters whose identities are kept secret.

Jurevics also said Pottermore has decided to “shift” its business model and work with other retailers for the first time to offer “greater consumer access to Harry Potter e-books and audiobooks”.

Apple is now selling a range of enhanced e-books and Audible has the digital audiobooks.

“But we’re not done,” said Jurevics. “We’re working to secure more partnerships in the near future that will grow Pottermore’s digital retail footprint, and give consumers more choice in where and how they purchase and consume our content.”