Early release for Adam Buxton audiobook, recorded remotely

Early release for Adam Buxton audiobook, recorded remotely

HarperNonFiction is releasing an early audiobook edition of Adam Buxton's memoir in May—its first to be recorded entirely remotely.

Buxton was due to record the audio of Ramble Book in central London but is now recording it at his own home studio following the nationwide lockdown. Direction and editing is taking place remotely and all the editing is taking place down the line.

It marks the first time that HarperCollins have ever worked with an author remotely recording an audiobook in its entirety. Post-production will be performed by ID Audio and it will feature "music, interjections and rambles" familiar to fans of the hit "Adam Buxton Podcast". 

The audio will be released first in May, with the hardback and e-book of Ramble Book now pushed back to 3rd September.

Buxton said: "I feel very lucky to be able to distract myself from the current crisis by creating an audiobook that I believe it may be the most substantial and immersive statement of creative navel gazing I have ever produced (along with the excellent and sympathetic audiobook team at HarperCollins), which for me is saying something. 

"That said, I've tried to make this something that will be entertaining for everyone, whether they're familiar with my podcast rambles or not. After all, I think everyone can relate to stories of growing up, falling in love, trying to figure out your parents, getting into music and films, personal and professional failures, worries about money, class and death, and feeling conflicted by David Bowie's output in the ‘80s. Also, who doesn't love stupid jingles? I hope at the very least this audiobook might provide some welcome distraction for others, as it has for me."

Fionnuala Barrett, editorial director for audio, added: "As a fan of Adam’s since his 6Music days, this project has been a joy to work on, global pandemics notwithstanding. Adam has written a book that is both hilarious and moving, and we’re pulling out all the stops with the audiobook production to do justice to that. I have no doubt that the 'podcats' will be delighted with it."