Activair's US export business suspended after probe

<p>US publishing distributor OHL/Activair is to be investigated by the US Transport Security Administration over claims it is not scanning cargo for bombs or explosives. OHL has temporarily suspended the business unit that ships books from the US, meaning US publishers are having to use alternative carriers. </p><p>Fox News reports a criminal investigation has been launched by the TSA after claims that cargo shipped on international flights has not been amply screened for months. The news station claims OHL/Activair skipped the search process due to cost-cutting. It reports seven employees have been sacked over the investigation.</p><p>In a statement to FOX59 News,&nbsp; OHL spokesperson Kara Brown said: &ldquo;OHL International has suspended the US air export business of Activair.</p><p>&quot;OHL will continue to ship cargo from the U.S. via air through its Barthco International subsidiary, a TSA-authorized indirect air carrier.</p><p>&quot;Activair is continuing to fully cooperate with the inquiry by the TSA.&rdquo;</p>OHL said it would continue to ship cargo from the US via air through its Barthco International subsidiary. Activair&#39;s ocean and other international shipping businesses are unaffected by the suspension.&nbsp; </p>