ACE launches Artistic Assessors scheme

<p>Arts Council England (ACE) is to recruit 150 &quot;Artistic Assessors&quot; to report on ACE-funded organisations across the full range of art-forms, beginning in January 2010.<br /><br />The assessors will report on music, literature, dance, visual art, theatre and combined arts, including work for children and young people and disability-led arts. They will be awarded two-year contracts, which require them to write between 10 and 14 reports a year for which they will be paid a flat fee of &pound;1,000 a year plus expenses.<br /><br />The assessors&#39; reports will aid ACE&#39;s evaluation of regularly funded organisations. Andrew Nairne, executive director arts strategy for ACE said: &quot;We want to appoint people with knowledge and understanding of the arts, who will value the opportunity to see a wide range of work. . . </p><p>&quot;This is an important step forward in the Arts Council&rsquo;s plan to work more closely with artists and arts organisations to ensure that audiences experience art of the highest quality.&quot;<br /><br />Assessors will be eligible to apply for a second two-year contract, but must then stand down for a period of at least two years before reapplying. ACE intends to appoint 150 people this year and a further 150 in 2010, so that 300 assessors are ultimately available, with half of them being replaced or re-appointed each year.<br /><br />The new system was piloted in spring this year in the south east and north west of the UK.<br /><br /><br /><br />&nbsp;</p>