A&C Black shapes up for summer with first aid guide

<p>A &amp; C Black is bringing out a new Kit Bag Guide, <em>First Aid for Sport</em>, in the spirit of the improving weather and the new-found zeal for outdoor sports as we edge towards summer.</p><p>The first aid guide will be published on 1st July this year in paperback priced &pound;9.99. <em>First Aid for Sport</em>, by Andy Cunningham, a lecturer in sports therapy, is a quick-reference guide designed for on-the-spot first aid administration. </p><p>The guide has large colour photographs for ease of reference in the event of an emergency. The book is designed to have clear step-by-step instructions and is the same style as the publisher&rsquo;s <em>First Aid at Sea</em> title. <em>First Aid for Sport </em>is formatted in landscape and is slightly smaller than A4 to fit into kit bags.</p><p>The book is intended to help people administer basic first aid while waiting for pro&shy;fessional medical help. The weather-&shy;proof book is spiral bound so it can lie flat on the ground while it is being used.</p><p>Naomi Webb, publicity executive at A &amp; C Black, said: &ldquo;We&rsquo;ve set the publication date for July because it&rsquo;s warm, people will have started playing sport again and people will really be taking an interest in getting outdoors.&rdquo;</p>