Aaronovitch presents booksellers with flagons of cider

Aaronovitch presents booksellers with flagons of cider

Booksellers across the country will be receiving flagons of cider from author Ben Aaronovitch as a thank you gift.

More than 1,000 flagons of Weston’s Old Rosie cider will be delivered to 384 bookshops – both Waterstones and independents – between 8th June and 19th June. Larger shops will receive five demi-johns, roughly equivalent to 17 pints of cider, with each shop receiving at least two demi-johns, equivalent to about seven pints of cider.

The author wanted to “thank the unsung heroes of the book trade”, his publisher Orion said. Aaronovitch is a former bookseller, who managed the crime and science fiction and fantasy sections of Waterstones Covent Garden for a number of years.

When choosing what to give, the author, who is paying for the cider himself, said he “literally spent minutes racking my brains until the obvious answer appeared”.

“Alcohol!” he continued. “And since my book Foxglove Summer is set in Herefordshire it was obvious in what form that alcohol should take.” 

Foxglove Summer, the fifth in Aaronovitch's PC Peter Grant series, is published by Gollancz as an £8.99 paperback on 9th July.