AAP: sales 'slow' in 2015 first quarter

AAP: sales 'slow' in 2015 first quarter

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) StatShot report has recorded publisher book sales down 6.6% for the first quarter of 2015, at $2.2bn compared to $2.38bn for the first quarter of last year.

Data for the StatShot comes from just over 1,200 publishers. The figures represent publishers' net revenue in the US, rather than retailer or consumer sales figures.

Sales in Trade Books for the quarter were recorded as down 2.2% year-on-year to $1.53bn, although the month of March saw a jump of 1.9%, largely attributable to a good month for Adult Books. For the quarter as a whole, Adult Books did well, with the category up 3.4%.

However the Children's & Young Adult category declined 15.9% in the quarter, while Religious presses dropped 5.5%.

Downloaded audio continued a "hot growth streak", up 33.6% on the same quarter last year. However trade e-books declined 7.5% to $374.1m ($404.5m in 2014). Trade hardbacks also dropped (by 6.7%, from $496.3m to $463m). However trade paperbacks showed an 8.6% rise to $442.9m.  

Professional Publishing – a category which includes business, medical, law, scientific and technical books and journals – saw sales rise 16.7% in comparison to same quarter of 2014. However revenues from higher educational materials were down 29%, and for primary/secondary education, down 7.1%.