50-year-old backlist resurrected in new POD deal

50-year-old backlist resurrected in new POD deal

F+W International will publish the backlist of its David & Charles imprint through a new print-on-demand partnership with Ingram.

The books will be released under a new imprint, D&C Heritage, with F+W International looking to resurrect titles going back to David & Charles' founding in 1961. The publisher focused on a range of hobbies and niche areas, releasing a range of titles on Britain's canals and railways. After its purchase by F+W in 2001, it focused on crafts and creative arts publishing, alongside F+W's direct-to-consumer e-commerce businesses.

F+W International m.d. James Woollam said it would now be looking for authors and contributors to old titles to come forward and help update the publisher's records, as well as claim royalties. He said: "We are fortunate to own such an enviable archive of content across many categories, and to have found a willing partner in Ingram to help make this project happen. Inevitably this will be of particular interest to rail enthusiasts as so much of the material is in that category. We would in particular welcome any contact from authors or contributors to older David & Charles books to help us update any gaps in our records."

During the project, around 3,000 titles will be digitally scanned, given a new ISBN and a template cover, and be available to the trade. Royalties for authors who are no longer in contact will be held until contact is made with F+W International.

Last month, F+W International announced it would be creating a new television programme, Craft Daily, to showcase skills and techniques from its craft publishing range.