40% of uni libraries to cut book spend

<p>Nearly 40% of university libraries are planning to cut book and serial purchases from next year. According to a survey conducted by the Research Information Network (RIN) and presented to <em>Times Higher Education</em>, a fifth are planning to cancel one or more deals with publishing houses which allow them to access bundles of journals online&mdash;a single journal can contain hundreds of titles.<br /><br />Higher costs caused by the fall in the value of the pound mean that UK university libraries face huge increases in subscription costs for research journals from the US and the rest of Europe.<br /><br />Michael Jubb, director of the RIN, said that in the current academic year many university libraries had already overspent and some had been forced to cut budgets; however he said that 2009-2010 was the &quot;much bigger problem&quot;.<br /><br />He said, &quot;We are facing the prospect of significant reductions in access to a wide range of journals and severe cuts in the availability of books . . . which could do severe damage to research and teaching in UK universities,&quot; he said.<br /><br />&quot;In some libraries, the extra costs for journal licences that they will face next year, simply as a result of the fall in the value of the pound, exceed the total of their current budgets for buying books.&quot;<br /><br />Toby Bainton, secretary of the Society of College, National and University Libraries said &quot;2009&ndash;10 is going to be the really bad time . . . It is a problem for the entire institution because the only thing to cut is the big deals of journals, and that means hundreds of titles at once, which will affect researchers all over the university.&quot;</p>