$25 offer a mistake, admits Reed Elsevier

<p>Reed Elsevier officials have admitted that it was a mistake for the STM publisher&#39;s marketing division to offer $25 (&pound;15) Amazon gift cards to anyone who would give a new textbook five stars in a review posted on Amazon or Barnes &amp; Noble.<br /><br />According to website Inside Higher Ed, Elsevier&#39;s marketing division sent an email to at least one contributor to the textbook Clinical Psychology, asking them to post &quot;some 5 star reviews&quot; on both Amazon and Barnes &amp; Noble to help support and promote the book. </p><p>It added: &quot;For your time, we would like to compensate you with a copy of the book under review as well as a $25 Amazon gift card.&quot;<br /><br />Cindy Minor, marketing manager for science and technology at Elsevier, said that the e-mail did not reflect Elsevier policy. She called the request for five star reviews &quot;a poorly written e-mail&quot; by &quot;an overzealous employee.&quot; </p><p>Tom Reller, director of corporate relations for Elsevier, said it was not wrong to encourage interested parties to post reviews, nor to compensate them. &quot;But in all instances the request should be unbiased, with no incentives for a positive review, and that&#39;s where this particular e-mail went too far.&quot;</p>