2000AD comics collections mark new era

2000AD comics collections mark new era

Comic book publisher 2000AD is making its mark this autumn, with the release of two innovative collections. 

This week, Grant Morrison’s breakthrough comic series Zenith is reprinted for the trade for the first time in 20 years. The comics will be compiled and published in four volumes, priced at £20 each. 

Last year, 2000AD pressed a limited edition, 1,000-copy print run of the collected comics and retailed them online. The titles sold out in just two days, which prompted the decision to make the series widely available. The reprints will be published in the UK and US simultaneously, a first for 2000AD. Currently the only way to read the entire series—aside from the limited edition—would be to track down the original issues, which were published over a period of 15 years. 

Michael Molcher, PR co-ordinator at Rebellion Publishing, which owns 2000AD, said: “Zenith established and sealed Morrison’s reputation as a fresh new voice in comics.”

In December 2000AD will release Brass Sun (£25) by Ian Edgington, with artwork by I N J Culbard, which marks a new direction for the company. The title collates a comic strip series which has been running in 2000AD’s weekly magazine, and reflects the company’s aim to produce comics that appeal to people outside of the core comics market. 

The series, which Molcher describes as “clockpunk”, features Ren, a young girl who lives in a giant orrery (a clockwork model of the solar system). When the brass cog sun starts winding down the planets start freezing, and Ren sets off on a quest to restart the sun. 

Molcher said: “We’re reaching out to a new readership who enjoy more personality-led comics and exquisitely beautiful artwork.” He also emphasised 2000AD’s dedication to “creating a home for strong female characters [. . .] the rest of the industry often ignores them”. 

Brass Sun is also being simultaneously released in the UK and the US, as well as digitally through 2000AD’s iPad app, and DRM-free through its online store. Trade sales and distribution in the UK are being handled by Simon & Schuster.