Six questions for Becky Fincham

Becky Fincham, director of Bigmouth Book Events, Festivals, Tours & PR, on the campaigns and software impressing her.

Which campaign (marketing or publicity or both, in publishing or another industry) do you think knocked it out of the park this year?
Two fiction publicity campaigns I thought were particularly brilliant were A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, a campaign that launched with huge momentum just ahead of the Man Booker Prize longlist announcement; impeccable delivery for one of the most talked about novels of last year. And Anatomy of A Solider by Harry Parker which was everywhere in February.

What's your favourite software/platform/app for getting your job done?
For getting things done quickly, Evvnt is a handy way to spread the word about events. I’m also steadfastly loyal to Excel/Googledocs. I use them to store everything I need to know relating to a tour or festival, and the various incarnations they go through.

Which companies or brands do you look to outside the publishing industry for inspiration?
I’m always inspired by programming at music and arts festivals: the emphasis on unconfined creativity and expression and the easy interplay of genres from music to comedy to theatre. As a counterpoint I’m always intrigued by the formality and structure of corporate events. Their levels of organisation provide an essential backbone to the freedoms of creativity.

What software or platform is the biggest Trojan horse/waste of time?
Expensive project management software that promises the earth only to generate extra emails.  

What one thing do you wish you had known when you started your career?
That it’s ok not to play by 'the rules' and that publishing just like any other industry depends on reinvention and challenging of existing norms.

What is your top tip for running an event successfully?
To make sure your logistics are watertight. Anticipate everything you can in advance and then if something unexpected changes at the last minute you’ve allowed yourself some slack.

Becky Fincham will be speaking at the Marketing and Publicity Conference on Tuesday 28th June on how to get the most out of your events. For more information click here.