Marketing & Publicity Conference 2021

Marketing & Publicity Conference 2021

Virtual Conference: 14-17 June

This year’s theme is Where We Go From Here, and more than ever the programme is truly a conversation: an attempt to bring us all together to apply what we’ve learned this past, inconceivable year to the questions of what comes next. 

Our virtual conference runs over four days, with presentations in the morning and interactive case studies and panels in the afternoon. The programme contains over double the number of live sessions as last year - four panels and eight case studies - because we are still so in this. These sessions are designed to help us work through some of the answers, together. 

  • What lessons we can take from 2020 (and what we’d like to leave behind)
  • What the possible return to ‘normal’ might mean for our mental health
  • How other industries have handled the challenges of the pandemic
  • How to embed, sustain and grow the progress we’ve made on diversity and inclusion
  • How to make yourself heard when you no longer feel like shouting
  • The future of the author tour in a hybrid landscape
  • How to maximise our channels when speaking directly to readers
  • How to create unique events when one-size-fits-all will no longer do
  • What the future media landscape might hold
  • And so, so much more


Your M&P pass gets you access to 30+ talks, case studies and panels right through to the end of summer. All of this year's talks will be fully subtitled.

Do get in touch with Emma Lowe for group bookings and freelance rates.

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