Obituary: Marek Lewinson

Obituary: Marek Lewinson

Marek Lewinson, publisher representative agent for Eastern Europe at Taylor & Francis, died unexpectedly on Sunday 28th April.

Marek played a crucial role in expanding the sales of English-language academic and professional books in Eastern Europe. Taylor & Francis was the first publisher to sign up to Marek’s book representation service for the region, in 2003, following his decision to go freelance.

In the past 16 years, through his relentless, meticulous and creative efforts, Marek grew his representation service and with it T&F’s sales, generating many millions of pounds’ worth of sales. Marek never appeared to sleep, for wherever you were in the world, no matter which time zone, any email you sent was answered within minutes by Marek. He once told me that his love and knowledge of the English language, Shakespeare, The Beatles, and the rest, stemmed from his early access to that world through his mother’s work at the National Library. That passion never left him, and he was always pleased to find it in others.

On both a personal and professional level, Marek will be much missed by publishers and customers alike. His death leaves a painful gap in our lives. The Frankfurt and London book fairs will not be the same without his presence, his sense of mischief and dry humour and, of course, his persuasive libations of Polish lemon vodka at the end of a hard day’s book trading.

Graham Crossley is international sales director at Taylor & Francis.