My Job in 5: Olivia Carson

My Job in 5: Olivia Carson

Describe your role
As the campaigns manager at SPCK I’m responsible for developing campaigns for our seasonal and frontlist titles as well as overseeing all elements of each campaign to ensure maximum exposure of our titles. I also work on the overall marketing and publicity strategies for individual imprints and collaborate closely with our editorial, design, commercial and production departments on different aspects of the publishing process.

What do you like best about your role?
Working across marketing and publicity means that my role is hugely varied. One day I could be out of the office filming with an author, the next I could be at my desk pitching to literary festivals and testing online adverts. At SPCK, where we have four different imprints, you could be working on a diet book for irritable bowel syndrome in the morning and a detective novel in the afternoon.

Which new titles are you working on at the moment?
There are two books I’m currently working which really stand out. The first is a short history of the life and legacy of Thomas More by Tudor historian John Guy. He is an incredible writer and his book brings to life the history of Thomas More, a man whose reputation has been vigorously debated over the centuries. The second is a brilliant new book out in June by a Mobo award-winning artist. We’re about to film the announcement video for the project and I’ve been collaborating closely with the artist and his editor to come up with an exciting campaign.

What skills do you need to be a campaigns manager?
Good time-management skills are essential. At SPCK we can publish over 10 new titles a month and each has its own campaign so it’s really important that I know how much attention we need to give each project.

What advice would you give to those looking to work in the industry?
Do work experience in several organisations to get a feel for the different departments and the industry; read the Bookseller; volunteer for a literary festival or your local council’s reading challenge to get more of an idea of how books are received outside the industry; and if you have any hobbies that could help you when you’re applying for a job, such as vlogging, bookstagramming or using the Adobe Creative suite, then talk about that in your job interviews.