My Job in 5: Ain Deheb Bensenouci

My Job in 5: Ain Deheb Bensenouci

Describe your role
At Epigeum we provide online courses for higher education, created in collaboration with universities all over the world. The content of our courses varies massively and is developed to answer real needs identified by professionals in the higher education environment. For example, the subject matter includes sexual violence and writing skills for researchers. I manage our UK and Ireland renewal subscriptions as well as organise and deliver our events calendar. It is the perfect mix of sales and events. On a typical day I will go from a meeting on new products, to calling venues, to a sales negotiation with a customer. It’s exciting and never boring.

What do you like best about your role?
The best thing about my job is how fast-paced everything is; I thrive under pressure and I love to be busy. It is also very much a people-centric role and I really enjoy having the chance to build relationships with my colleagues and our customers and suppliers.

Which new projects or titles are you working on at the moment?
We have several products coming up next year and therefore lots of events to plan. I am particularly excited about our Community of Practice Event for our Consent Matters course, which is a learning platform on sexual consent aimed at students. We have just won the Learning Technologies Award for this course which has been a great achievement for the Epigeum team and it will be hugely exciting to bring together our customers and users to discuss how they are using it.

What skills do you need for your role?
My role was actually a new position and this turned out to be a huge opportunity for me. Apart from basic organisation and communication skills, you need to be confident and able to solve problems. Both sales and events are very much customer-facing roles where it is important to be able to think on your feet, especially when working with academics and experienced suppliers. Crucially, it is also important to believe in your skills and to know your strengths.

What advice would you give to those looking to work in the industry?
Do not compromise. I have been dreaming about a job that would let me work in publishing while organising events and making a small difference in the world. It may take some time but your dream job is out there. Make sure you persevere.