Authors and publishers get creative as book launches are moved online

Authors and publishers get creative as book launches are moved online

In response to the coronavirus outbreak and government advice to socially distance, authors, readers and booksellers are thinking of new, exciting and creative ways to launch books and keep readers engaged after in-person-events get cancelled

Author David Nicholls announced on Twitter that he was going to be hosting a series of virtual book launches for those writers who have lost out on events and announcements amongst the coronavirus pandemic. 

Nicholls encouraged people to come together to celebrate in the only way they can- virtually. Everyday he is promoting big and small authors on his Twitter who have published their books in the last few weeks or are about to publish new titles. You can also find his list at the bottom of this page! 

Here are some other virtual events you can get involved in:


#EverydaywithDK, everyday- Authors and experts will be launching daily videos on DK’s Instagram account to help keep people busy at home. As part of the #EverydaywithDK campaign top authors including Carol Vorderman, Professor Robert Winston, Lucy Wyndham-Read, Chris Bavin, Huw Richards and Jess French, plus education experts from DK’s extensive children’s list, will be sharing home learning videos, family fun activities, cook alongs, exercises and gardening ideas to keep people motivated and inspired during this challenging time.

Pavilion Poetry Launch- Pavilion are going to be sharing selected poems and interviews on Twitter and through their mailing list. The titles they are launching are:
How To Wash A Heart by Bhanu Kapil
Citadel by Martha Sprackland
The Station Before by Linda Anderson 

BookBound Literature Festival, 27th April- 3rd May- The festival was founded by author Georgie Codd. The programme will be a mixture of live stream author-to-author conversations, pre-recorded readings and children's storytimes, all accessible for free on the festvials YouTube channel. Read the full story here.


Hay Festival Online, all month- Hay festival has announced that it will be hosting a full programme of events online. Including some of the now cancelled festival highlights and a school programme. The line up is not confirmed, but interest can be registered on the website. Read the full details here.

Friday 8th
The Big Book Weekend, 8th-10th: a 3-day, virtual festival that brings together the best of the British book festivals cancelled due to coronavirus, featuring the biggest names in books alongside unknown debut authors and rising talents. It has been co-founded by the authors Kit de Waal and Molly Flatt, is supported by the BBC and Arts Council England, and will be hosted by startup MyVLF.

Thursday 14th May
Lit Fest Online, 14-16th May- The Author's Club had to cancel all in-person events for the coming months, but have instead decided to host a virtual literary festival. It will be a live event, with writers discussing their work using a video conferencing app, supported by pre-recorded videos and podcasts. There will also be recorded readings from all the books shortlisted for the Best First Novel Award. More details on the events will be announced on their Twitter page.

Saturday 16th
Virtual Writing Class with Adele Parks
- Originally an in-person event organised by HQ in partnership with Fabulous magazine, this will now be hosted as a Facebook event. People can pre-register their interest on Eventbrite. In this workshop, Parks will offer a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other practical guide to the elusive art, craft and graft of fiction writing. The event has had 91 sign-ups in just a few days so it is already proving popular! The event wiht be co-hosted on HQ, Fabulous and Adele Park's Facebook pages, but once registered you will recieve at email about how to attend! 

Please email details of any virtual book events so we can help spread the word.

David Nicholls's Virtual Book Launches: 

17th March:

David Farrier, Footprints (pub. 3rd March)
Sophie Elkan, The Girls Guide to Growing Up (pub. 5th March)
Kate Bradley, To Keep You Safe (pub. 5th March)  
Janie Brown, Radical Acts of Love (pub. 5th March) 
Stacey Murray, The Curious case of Maggie Macbeth (pub. 5th March) 
Clarissa Goenawan, Perfect World of Miwako Sumida (pub. 12th March) 
Matthew Cobb, The Idea of the Brain (pub. 12th March) 
Camilla Pang, Explaining Humans (pub. 12th March)
Claire Marti, For the Love of You (pub. 17th March)
Eddie Robson, Hearts of Oak (pub. 17th March)
Jen Calleja, I'm Afraid that's all we've got time for (pub. 18th March)  
Gregg Jenner, Dead Famous (pub. 19th March) 
Jessica Moor, The Keeper (pub. 19th March) 
Bruce Lindsay, Shellec and Swing (pub. 16th April)

18th March:

Karen Attwood and Diana Nammi, Girl with a Gun (pub. 5th March) 
Jean Vernon, The Secret Lives of Garden Bees (pub. 5th March)
Samantha Clark, The Clearing (pub. 5th March) 
Tarashea Nesbit, Beheld (pub. 17th March) 
Emma Glass, Rest and Be Thankful (pub. 19th March) 
Sue Lawrence, The Unreliable Death of Lady Grange (pub. 19th March)
Rebecca Elliot, Pretty Funny (pub. 19th March)
Judith Barrow, The Memory (pub. 19th March)
Trevor Wood, The Man on the Street (pub. 19th March)
Rebecca Thornton, The Fallout (pub. 2nd April) 
Mollie Walton, The Secrets of Ironbridge (pub. 20th April) 
J M Lee, Where the Innocent Die (pub. 7th May) 

19th March:

Nikki Marmery, On Wilder Seas (pub. 16th March) 
Ed West, Small Men on the Wrong Side of History (pub. 19th March)
Cathy Bramley, A Patchwork Family (pub. 19th March) 
Catherine Cho, Inferno: A Mermoir (pub. 19th March) 
Wilbur Smith, Cloudburst (pub. 19th March) 
Frances Levitson, The Voices in My Ear (pub. 19th March) 
Michael Wood, The Murder House (pub. 19th March) 
Katherine May, The Bets, Most Awful Job (pub. 19th March) 
Zoe Armstrong, Find the Spy (pub. 19th March) 
Helen Cox, A Body in the Bookshop (pub. 19th March)
Hazel Prior, Away with the Penguins (pub. 19th March) 
Sarah Jasmon, You Never Told Me (pub. 19th March) 
Emily Koch, Keep Him Close (pub. 19th March) 
Eleanor Wood, Staunch (pub. 19th March) 

If you want to buy any of these titles but are currently self-isolating, we have compilled a list of independent bookshops who are still delivering to customers!