Have you updated your email preferences yet?

Have you updated your email preferences yet?

Let us know you want to keep hearing from us! Yesterday, on 23rd May, we sent an email to all those who have signed up for newsletters and other communications asking you to update your email preferences and read our new privacy policy.

In order to comply with new data regulations, after 25th May we won’t be able to send you emails unless you’ve already told us you’re happy to receive them – so now's the time to make sure we have your records up-to-date!

All you need to do is click on the ‘Update My Preferences’ link in the email that was sent to you and select the newsletters you would like to continue receiving.  Alternatively, you can do this by simply logging in to your account and editing your selections online here.

In addition to reviewing your email preferences, we also need to make you aware of our new privacy policy. The Bookseller is committed to protecting and safeguarding personal data. As part of this commitment, we have updated our privacy policy and implemented changes in the way we store and process data – please read our updated policy in the email we sent, or online here.

Don’t miss out! We’d really like to stay in touch with you to keep you updated with everything going on in the book trade. Confirm that you're happy to continue hearing from us; you’ll only have to do this once!