My Job In 5: Katrina Hopewell, Senior Marketing Manager, BLURB UK

My Job In 5: Katrina Hopewell, Senior Marketing Manager, BLURB UK

Describe your role

I look after Marketing and PR for Blurb in Europe – my focus is to support, leverage and promote self-publishing and our authors by crafting our EU strategy, creating multi-channel plans and campaigns and developing partnership opportunities to promote the opportunity that self-publishing provides.

What do you like best about your role?

The wide variety of my day – I could be speaking to our PR agency in France promoting one of our new self-published authors, launching a large global brand campaign like our innovative Unbinding the Book project, reviewing our digital performance or planning our Christmas activity across our key regions.

What is the function of Blurb in the publishing world?

Blurb is the leading indie publishing platform, providing anyone – not just the talented few – the opportunity to create, design, publish, distribute and sell beautiful digital and print books. Our authors have full creative control over their work and our customers have the ability to keep 100% of the profit when selling directly through our bookstore.

Where do you see potential development in the Industry?

Our founder and CEO, Eileen Gittins recently took part in a panel, moderated by Porter Anderson, where a question was asked about her prediction on what self-publishing would look like in 2020. Eileen answered by saying ‘Images are the new lingua franca… in 2020 all books will be illustrated.’ This may seem like a bold statement, but we all expect to see images and graphics in our daily lives – it’s how we consume media and share our own content.

What advice would you give to those looking for a Job in the Industry?

It’s an exciting time to be in this industry as technology is pushing the boundaries of what a book can be and who can be an author in this digital era. Anyone looking to pursue a career in self-publishing needs to be flexible, adaptable and willing to take on any project. At Blurb we’re a lively bunch too, so energy, passion and creative flair is key  - it’s who we are as brand – so it helps to be a creator yourself too.