Frankfurt Book Fair 2016: agent hotlists

Frankfurt Book Fair 2016: agent hotlists

Tom Tivnan rounds up the titles that the UK's top agencies are hoping to find deals for at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair.

Madeleine Milburn

Title: The Chalk Man
Author: C J Tudor
The pitch: A drawing of a stick figure hurtles narrator Eddie back to an innocent childhood game which went terribly, terribly wrong.
Key rights: Michael Joseph (UK & Commonwealth), Crown (US), plus 27 other territories.
Title: The Echo Killing
Author: C J Daugherty
The pitch: Début adult novel by the Night School YA series author, about a reporter’s investigation of a murder identical to her own mother’s.
Title: The Silent Fountain
Author: Victoria Fox
The pitch: A “Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca meets Kate Morton” time-slip.
Key rights: HQ (UK & Commonwealth).
Title: The Electricity of Every Living Thing
Author: Katherine May
The pitch: Memoir about a woman who discovers she has Asperger’s while walking the South-west Coast path.
Title: Before I Break
Author: Dandy Smith
The pitch: YA début about a quick-witted and hot-tempered protagonist who can literally make the earth tremble.
Curtis Brown

Title: Where We Stand
Author: Helen Sedgwick
The pitch: Second novel by The Comet Seekers author, “on the profundity and empowerment that new life offers”. UK rights under offer.
Title: Sometimes I Lie
The pitch: Début “nail-biting” psychological thriller from a recent Faber Academy graduate.
Key rights: HQ (UK), Rowohlt (Germany), AST (Russia), Flat Iron (US).
Title: You Me Everything
Author: Catherine Isaac
The pitch: Novel about mothers and children and “how far you will go to protect the ones you love”.
Key rights: Simon & Schuster (UK), Pam Dornan Books (US), Rowohlt (German), Printz (Sweden).
Title: Swan Song
Author: Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott
The pitch: “Non-fiction novel” on Truman Capote’s fall from grace through the perspectives of several women.
Key rights: Hutchinson (UK & Commonwealth, pre-empt).
Title: I Hear a Wild Thing Calling
Author: C J Cook
The pitch: Psychological drama about “a woman who loses herself and her husband’s quest to find her”.
Key rights: HarperCollins (UK & Commonwealth, pre-empt).
Conville & Walsh

Title: Flotsam
Author: Alexandra Coulton
The pitch: Début about “three people who are a family, but don’t know it yet” from a creative writing graduate.
Title: The Language of Kindness
Author: Christie Watson
The pitch: A behind-the-scenes at a hospital memoir from Watson, a nurse and winner of the 2011 Costa First Novel award.
Title: The Lost Pianos of Siberia
Author: Sophy Roberts
The pitch: Travelogue cum history from English journalist Roberts telling the story of Siberia through “one woman’s search for its historic pianos”.
Title: No Good Deed
Author: John Niven
The pitch: Scottish novelist Niven’s latest is a “funny and painful examination of the complexities of male friendship”.
Key rights: Heinemann (UK), Heyne (Germany).
Title: Metropolis
Author: Ben Wilson
The pitch: A look at the rise of the global city states “from macro to micro” from historian Wilson.
David Higham

Title: A Boy in Winter
Author: Rachel Seiffert
The pitch: A “spare and devastating” tale set over three days following the German invasion of a Ukranian town.
Key rights: Virago (UK), Knopf (US).
Title: Talking Love
Author: Xinran Xue
The pitch: The Beijing-born, London-based writer looks at the changes in China through one family’s four generations of love stories.
Title: I, You, We, Them
Author: Dan Gretton
The pitch: Part memoir/part examination of evil, justice and morality from writer and activist Gretton.
Key rights: Hutchinson (UK), FSG (US).
Title: The Wildling Sisters
Author: Eve Chase
The pitch: Second novel from Oxford-based Chase, which takes place in 1959 as the Wildling sisters return to Applecote Manor to discover their childhood home’s “darkest secrets and temptations”.
Key rights: Michael Joseph (UK), Putnam (US).
Title: The Party Worker
Author: Omar Shahid Hamid
The pitch: Pakistani police officer turned writer Hamid with a thriller set in the Karachi CID where “friends come bearing bullets”.
Key rights: Pan Macmillan (India)
Ed Victor

Title: Time Pieces
Author: John Banville
The pitch: Part memoir, part love letter to the Man Booker-winner’s home city of Dublin, with images from photographer Paul Joyce.
Key rights: Hodder (UK), Hachette (Ireland).
Title: At My Table
Author: Nigella Lawson
The pitch: The latest cookery title from the celeb chef.
Key rights: Chatto (UK), Flat Iron (US).
Title: I Can Remember: An Oral Biography of David Bowie
Author: Dylan Jones
The pitch: A life of the iconic rockstar from GQ editor Jones.
Key rights: Crown (US).
Title: The Secret History of Twin Peaks
Author: Mark Frost
The pitch: A novel based on the landmark TV series, from its co-creator, released to time with the show’s remake.   
Key rights: Pan Mac (UK), Flat Iron (US), Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Kiepenheuer (German), Mondadori (Italy), and eight others.
Title: SAS: Rogue Heroes
Author: Ben Macintyre
The pitch: The bestselling author of Agent Zigzag looks at the founding of the elite military unit.
Key rights: Viking (UK), Crown (US), Critica (Spain).
Blake Friedmann

Title: This Beats Perfect
Author: Rebecca Denton
The pitch: YA début in which a girl becomes involved with the singer in a boyband.
Key rights: Atom (UK), Fabbri (Italy).
Title: A Voice of Her Own
Author: Lyndall Gordon
The pitch: A look at five great women writers, including Mary Shelley, George Eliot and Virginia Woolf, and how each found her unique voice.
Key rights: Virago (UK).
Title: The Missing Wife
Author: Sheila O’Flanagan
The pitch: The bestselling Irish author’s latest tells the story of a woman on the run from her controlling husband.
Key rights: Headline (UK), Little, Brown (US).
Title: Bloody January
Author: Alan Parks
The pitch: Seventies Glasgow-set crime début with detectives trying to unravel an apparently random murder. On submission in the UK.
Title: I Heart Nora
Author: Annie Robertson
The pitch: Aimed at fans of Bridget Jones and Nora Ephron, it is about an aspiring scriptwriter who pens a sequel to “When Harry Met Sally”.
Key rights: Blanvalet (Germany), Singel Uitgeverijen (The Netherlands), Ablatross (Czech Republic and Slovakia).
Greene & Heaton

Title: The Queen of Bloody Everything
Author: Joanna Nadin
The pitch: First adult novel from children’s author Nadin, which follows Dido and her mother, Edie, “the only topless sunbathing feminist in town”.
Title: The Wrong Child
Author: Barry Gornell
The pitch: A novel of grief as a disaster kills 21 of 22 children in a rural village‚ except for one “wrong child”.
Key rights: First published by Freight, Orion bought UK rights and will re-release in 2017.    
Title: Untitled
Author: Lottie Moggach
The pitch: Follow-up to Moggach’s début Kiss Me First, it centres on expat Anna who unwittingly rents her Costa del Sol finca to people traffickers.
Key rights: Picador (UK).
Title: Outside the Asylum
Author: Lynne Jones
The pitch: Child pyschiatrist and relief worker Jones on her 25 years working in humanitarian trouble spots.
Key rights: Weidenfeld (UK).
Title: The Minimalist Life
Author: Regina Wong
The pitch: Lifestyle guru Wong argues you will be happier if you live with less. On submission in the UK.
Key rights: Skyhorse (US).
Darley Anderson Literary, TV & Film Agency

Title: Lies
Author: Tim Utton
The pitch: Former Daily Mail science reporter Utton’s début is a “tightly plotted domestic thriller” of a husband and stay-at-home father who finds himself victim to his wife’s deceit.
Key rights: Bonnier Zaffre (UK).
Title: Everything but the Truth
Author: Gillian McAllister
The pitch: Liane Moriarty-esque début about pregnant Rachel, and boyfriend Jack, whose futures are thrown in doubt when secrets are unearthed.
Key rights: Michael Joseph (UK and Commonwealth), Ambo Anthos (The Netherlands), Proszynzki (Poland), AST (Russia). Under offer in France.  
Title: A New Map of Love
Author: Abi Oliver
The pitch: A début featuring antiques dealer George searching for love after his wife of 26 years dies.
Key rights: Pan Macmillan (UK and Commonwealth).
Title: Defender
Author: G X Todd
The pitch: First of a four-part post-apocalypic series from débutant Todd‚ who in her day job drives a mobile library van in the West Midlands.  
Key rights: Headline (UK & Commonwealth), Record (Brazil), Filia (Poland).
Title: Of Blood and Promises
Author: Rebekah Faubion
The pitch: Début YA fantasy love story against “a backdrop of murder and rebellion set in a stunning world inspired by the Hawaiian Islands”.   
Furniss Lawton

Title: Shambhala
Author: Matt Lombardi
The pitch: Début about a disillusioned artist who travels to Shambhala and finds himself in charge of propaganda for a volatile rebel uprising.
Title: The Maid’s Room
Author: Fiona Mitchell
The pitch: A début which “shines a light on modern day servitude” featuring sisters Dolly and Tala who work as Filipina maids in Singapore.
Title: I’m Wrecked, This Is My Journal
Author: Shannon Cullen
The pitch: Wreck this Journal meets The UnMumsy Mum.
Key rights: Luitingh-Sitjhoff (The Netherlands), Planeta (Spain) on pre-empt. At auction in the UK.
Title: Mind Body Bowl
Author: Annie Clarke
The pitch: Health blogger Clarke shares her three pillars of wellness: a calm mind, a healthy body and delicious, simple recipes.
Key rights: HarperCollins (UK & Commonwealth).
Title: Blood Forest
Author: Geraint Jones
The pitch: In Germany, 9 AD, a detachment of Roman soldiers is butchered except for one survivor.
Key rights: Michael Joseph (UK and Commonwealth).
Aitken Alexander

Title: Dog
Author: Andy Mulligan
The pitch: A “dark yet heart-warming story” for ages 10+ from children’s author Mulligan focusing on a lost dog trying to find its way home.
Title: The Lucky Ones
Author: Julianne Pachio
The pitch: Pachio’s Colombia-set “literary jigsaw puzzle in the vein of A Visit from the Goon Squad”.
Key rights: Faber (UK), Spiegel & Grau (US), Altas Contact (The Netherlands).
Title: The Earlie King and the Kid in Yellow
Author: Danny Denton
The pitch:  A dystopan “urban western”, about “a flooded Ireland stalked by corruption and violence.”
Key rights: Granta (world English).
Title: A Line Made by Walking
Author: Sara Baume
The pitch: The second novel from the Costa First Novel-shortlisted Baume, concerns a young artist’s search for meaning and healing in rural Ireland.
Key rights: Heinemann (UK), HMH (US), Querido (The Netherlands).
Title: Les Parisiennes
Author: Anne Sebba
The pitch: A study of women in Paris during the Nazi occupation, which promises to reveal “truths about basic human instincts and desires”.   
Key rights: Weidenfeld (UK), St Marin’s (US), Vuibert (France).
Felicity Bryan Associates

Title: Wayfinding
Author: David Barrie
The pitch: The author of Sextant travels to remote parts of the world to discover the latest science behind animal navigation.
Key rights: Hodder (UK).
Title: Time to Win
Author: Harry Brett
The pitch: “Raymond Chandler meets ‘The Sopranos’ by the North Sea”. A new series by Brett, pseudonym of former Daily Mirror books editor Henry Sutton.  
Key rights: Little, Brown (UK).
Title: Clever in 30
Author: Peter Frankopan
The pitch: The world history “you should know rather than the history you think you know“, by the breakout author of The Silk Roads.
Key rights: Bloomsbury (UK).
Title: Jane Austen, the Secret Radical
Author: Helena Kelly
The pitch: “Bodice-burstingly brilliant” reappraisal of Jane Austen’s life and works.
Key rights: Icon (UK), Knopf (US).
Title: Nietzsche
Author: Sue Prideaux
The pitch: A “sparkling and accessible” life of the German philosopher from the writer who has previously scored with biographies of Edvard Munch and August Strindberg.  
Key rights: Faber (UK), Azbooka-Atticus (Russia).
Diane Banks Associates

Title: Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos
Author: Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw
The pitch: Telegenic physicist Cox and co-writer Forshaw argue that by asking questions about the world around us, anyone can think like a physicist.
Key rights: Allen Lane (UK), Da Capo (US).
Title: Infinity
Author: Eugenia Cheng
The pitch: Mathematician Cheng shows us how infinity works, “from endless hotels to bottomless cookie jars”.
Key rights: Profile (UK), Basic (US).
Title: Dark Blossom
Author: Christopher Harding
The pitch: A début “enlightening history of modern Japan” from a University of Edinburgh lecturer and BBC “New Generation Thinker”.  
Key rights: Penguin Press (UK).
Title: The Secret
Author: Katerina Diamond
The pitch: The second outing from English author Diamond, dubbed “the new Queen of Crime” by Heat.
Key rights: Avon (world English).
Title: A Pug Like Percy
Author: Fiona Harrison
The pitch: Début from a former journalist is a “furry festive miracle” about a dog whose “helping paw” gives a family hope at Christmas.
Key rights: Harlequin (UK).
The Hanbury Agency

Title: Epiphany Jones
Author: Michael Grothaus
The pitch: “Shocking and hilarious” début novel from a Vice journalist on “celebrity lifestyle, sex trafficking, and the dark side of Western culture”.
Key rights: Orenda (UK/US).
Title: Thinking Machines
Author: Luke Dormehl
The pitch: Tech writer Dormehl’s third book is about the “secret history” of artificial intelligence.
Key rights: Ebury (world English), China Citic (Chinese simplified).
Title: Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion
Author: Gareth Stedman Jones
The pitch: A look at the “devastating impact of new ways of seeing the world” by thinkers like Kant, and how Marx adapted those ideas.
Key rights: Penuin (world), Harvard University (US), Einaudi (Italy), Fisher (Germany).
Title: Carpe Diem Regained
Author: Roman Krznaric   
The pitch: The School of Life founder and cultural thinker Krznaric explores the meaning and message behind “seize the day”.
Key rights: Unbound (UK), Perigee (US), Ten Have (The Netherlands).
Title: Doughnut Economics
Author: Kate Raworth
The pitch: Oxford “renegade economist” Haworth’s insights to bring “humanity into the global sweet spot of human prosperity and ecological sustainability”.  
Key rights: Random House (UK), Chelsea Green (US), Hanser Verlag (Germany), Betrand (Portuguese), Atlas (The Netherlands).
Eve White Literary Agent

Title: The Mother
Author: Yvette Edwards
The pitch: The second novel from Edwards explores a mother’s grief as she searches for the truth about her son’s murder.
Key rights: Mantle (UK), Amistad (US).
Title: The Frame of Things
Author: Jane Shemilt
The pitch:  The latest from author Shemilt is “‘MacBeth’ set in the intense world of modern neurosurgery”.
Key rights: Michael Joseph (UK).

HHB Agency

Title: Lean for Life: The Cookbook
Author Louise Parker
The pitch: The weight-loss expert to the stars’ new book of recipes to “transform your body forever”.
Key rights: Octopus (world rights).
Title: The Castle on the Cliff
Author: Emma Burstall
The pitch: Rising commercial women’s fiction star Burstall’s latest is the finale to her trilogy set in Cornwall.
Key rights: Head of Zeus (world rights).
Title: Helen McGinn’s Teetotal Tipples
Author: Helen McGinn
The pitch: The blogger behind The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club presents an “aspirational guide to going alcohol-free”.
Key rights: Little, Brown (world rights).
Title: Scandinavian Comfort Food
Author: Trine Hahnemann
The pitch: A Danish celeb chef, "the Delia Smith of Denmark”, returns with her take on the hygge trend.
Key rights: Quadrille (UK), Edition Michael Fischer (Germany).
Title: The Shipwreck Hunter
Author: David Mearns
The pitch: The American-born, UK resident marine scientist is one of the world’s most successful deep-sea shipwreck hunters. Here Mearns documents his career of finding historic ships.  
Key rights: Allen & Unwin (UK).
Sheil Land Associates

Title: From the Heart
Author: Susan Hill
The pitch: The Woman in Black author’s latest is a “heartrending” novella set in 1950s London “for the audience of Brooklyn and Carol”.
Key rights: Chatto (UK)
Title: The Red Sister
Author: Mark Lawrence
The pitch: New fantasy from the Prince of Thorns author featuring “a warrior sisterhood and a gifted novice”.
Key rights: HarperVoyager (UK), Ace Berkley (US).

Title: The Girlfriend
Author: Michelle Frances
The pitch: A début of “subtle sabotage, retaliation, suspicion and fear, which pivots on an unforgiveable lie”.
Key rights: Pan Macmillan (UK), Kensington (US), plus seven others.
Title: To Read Aloud
Author: Francesco Dimitri
The pitch: The School of Life faculty member’s book is “a new form of mindfulness” encouraging people to “take a pause, spend time with friends and focus gently on what matters”.
Tibor Jones

Title: Everywoman
Author: Jess Phillips
The pitch: In “the vein of How to be a Woman and Lean In”, the Labour Party MP will encourage all women to stand up and speak up.  
Key rights: Hutchinson (UK & Commonwealth).
Title: Dull Margaret
Author: Jim Broadbent and Dix
The pitch: The Academy award-winning actor makes his début as a graphic novelist, with a “tale of loneliness and the human desire for companionship”.
Title: The Stradivarius Listening Test
Author: Margot Douaihy
The pitch: A “quirky, modern take on the love story, set in New York City” from début novelist Douaihy.
United Talent

Title: How to be Happy
Author: Eva Woods
The pitch: The third commercial women’s fiction title crime author Claire McGowan has written under the Eva Woods pen name.
Key rights: Little, Brown (UK), Harlequin (US), Blanvalet (Germany), De Agostini (Italy), Keter (Israel), Beijing White Horse Time (China), PRH (Spain). At auction in France.
Title: The Silent Companions
Author: Laura Purcell
The pitch: Victorian horror about a house haunted by painted figures.
Key rights: Bloomsbury (UK), Viking (US).

Title: We Own the Sky
Author: Luke Allnutt
The pitch: Journalist Allnutt’s début novel of a father whose son dies of cancer and whose marriage breaks down.
Key rights: Blanvalet (Germany), HarperCollins (Spain), Longanesi (Italy), GADs (Denmark), at auction in the UK.
Title: The Love Curse
Author: Rebecca Sky
The pitch: A Wattpad superstar with more than 20 million reads, Sky’s YA début is about 16-year-old Rachel who has the ability to “make any guy she kisses fall completely and irrevocably in love with her”.
Title: How to Get Over a Guy in Ten One-Night Stands
Author: Tanya Atapattu
The pitch: Début about 25-year-old Bristolian Anjali, who embarks on a series of “encounters” after her boyfriend cheats on her with a burlesque dancer.
The Andrew Lownie Agency

Title: Russian Revolution
Author: Sean McMeekin
The pitch: Revisionist history of the revolution by a prizewinning author.
Key rights: Perseus (US), Taurus (Spain), Niewe Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
Title: Plots Against Hitler
Author: Danny Orbach
The pitch: A Harvard historian’s new account of the anti-Nazi underground in Germany.
Key rights: Houghton Mifflin (US), Bollati Boringhieri (Italy).
Title: Castle of the Eagles
Author: Mark Felton
The pitch: The “thrilling full story” of the escape of Allied generals from Colditz, already optioned for film.
Key rights: Icon (UK), St Martin’s Press (US), PRH (Spain). At auction in France.
Title: Seven Days of Infamy
Author: Nicholas Best
The pitch: Oral histories of the week of Pearl Harbour through the eyes of those affected by it.
Key rights: St Martin’s Press (US).

Title: At War on the Gothic Front
Author: Christian Jennings
The pitch: An account of a crucial battle which helped shape post-war southern Europe.
Key rights: St Martin’s Press (US), Osprey (UK).
Lutyens & Rubinstein

Title: Tokyo Stations
Author: James Buckler
The pitch: An “intoxicating and atmospheric page-turner with shades of Shantaram and The Beach”.
Key rights: Goldmann/RH (Germany, pre-empt), at auction in the UK.
Title: Peculiar Ground
Author: Lucy Hughes-Hallett
The pitch: The first novel from Samuel Johnson-winning author spans three centuries and centres on an English country estate.
Key rights: Fourth Estate (UK).
Title: The Life to Come
Author: Michelle de Kretser
The pitch: A novel of “lives of loosely linked acquaintances ranging...exploring the way we tell our own stories” from the Miles Franklin-winning author.
Key rights: Allen & Unwin (UK), Catapult, (US).
Title: Grief Works
Author: Julia Samuel
The pitch: The co-founder of Child Bereavement UK will “break taboos around how we talk about death” with 15 stories of people’s experience with loss.
Key rights: Penguin Life (UK).
Title: Smoke of Malibu
Author: Tim Walker
The pitch: “Raymond Chandler meets Nick Hornby” fish-out-of-water “soft-boiled” mystery from the Independent’s LA-based US correspondent.
Key rights: Heinemann (UK).

Title: Waking
Author: Helen Richardson
The pitch: Anna, haunted by nightmares, meets Jack and they begin an intense relationship. But why does he have nightmares, oo?
Key rights: Accent (UK).
Title: Dare to Remember
Author: Susanna Beard
The pitch: Psychological drama about a woman confronting her demons after the death of her best friend.
Key rights: Legend (UK).
Title: Cairncross
Author: Lauren A Forry
The pitch: “Eerie and atmospheric” mystery set in 1950s London and a fictional island of Cairncross, where two unlikely allies unite to survive.
Title: The Accomplice
Author: Harriet Whitehorn
The pitch: New fantasy adventure from the author of middle grade Violet series.
Title: The Damselfly
Author: S J I Holliday
The pitch: Psychological thriller meets small-town vigilantism in this atmospheric novel.
Key rights: Black & White (UK).
Sophie Hicks Agency

Title: No Virgin
Author: Anne Cassidy
The pitch: “Raw, powerful and moving” YA novel about a girl attempting to deal with the aftermath of a sexual attack. First of two linked books.
Key rights: Hot Key Books (UK).
Title: I Found My Tribe
Author: Ruth Fitzmaurice
The pitch: Fitzmaurice’s “beautiful memoir and love letter to her husband” who is afflicted with motor neuron disease.
Key rights: Chatto (world English), Mondadori (Italy), Bragelonne (France), all on pre-empts.
Title: Room Empty
Author: Sarah Mussi
The pitch: YA author Mussi’s latest is about two teenagers who find strength and understanding in each other while in rehab.
Key rights: Rock the Boat (UK).

Title: How to Read Water
Author: Tristan Gooley
The pitch: Nature writer Gooley’s study of H2O promises to help people “read the sea like a Viking, interpret ponds like a Polynesian and find their way through puddles on the street”.
Key rights: Hodder (UK), The Experiment (US), Riva (German), Mondadori (Italy), Yilin (China), Butik Yayincilik (Turkey).
Title: The Black Path
Author: Paul Burston
The pitch: A domestic noir that is “a dark tale of love and lies, obsession and betrayal”.
Key rights: Accent (UK).
LBA Literary Agency

Title: Neanderthals: The Untold Story
Author: Gavin Menzies
The pitch: “Alternative historian” Menzies aims to upend perceptions of Neanderthals. On submission.
Title: When I Wake Up
Author: Jessica Jarlvi
The pitch: When a young popular teacher is viciously attacked and left in a coma, the underbelly of a small idyllic town in Sweden is exposed.
Title: From Wolf to Woof
Author: Bryan Sykes
The pitch: A history of man’s best friend from an Oxford professor of genetics, tracking dogs’ evolution from wild wolves to pampered pooches.
Title: The Devil’s Horn
Author: Anna Nicholas
The pitch: Engrossing crime début set on the island of Mallorca, where a little girl has gone missing on holiday.
Title: Bridget’s Bookshop
Author: Katie Clapham
The pitch: Children’s title of a girl who runs a bookshop with her dog Biscuits, written by the co-owner of indie bookshop Storyteller’s, Inc.
The Wylie Agency

Title: Memoirs
Author: Elton John
The pitch: The pop superstar will tell “the full story of his life and extraordinary career with exceptional candor and wit”.
Title: The Age of Unreason
Author: George Osborne
The pitch: The former chancellor argues that the “prosperity, peace, and security capitalism has nurtured in the post-war era are under threat”.
Title: Heather, the Totality
Author: Matthew Weiner
The pitch: The “Mad Men” creator’s début novel is a “dark fable” about a “collision course between three people from two worlds”.
Key rights: US (Little, Brown),  Brazil, Catalan, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, UK.
Title: This Storm
Author: James Ellroy
The pitch: “Unprecedented and monumentally ambitious” volume two of Ellroy’s second LA Quartet.
Key rights: US (Knopf), France, Italy, Spain, UK.
Title: The Burning Girl
Author: Claire Messud
The pitch: The novelist’s latest is a look at childhood, friendship, and community against the disintegrating relationship of two adolescent girls.
Mulcahy Associates

Title: Ithaca
Author: Alan McMonagle
The pitch: A darkly comic début, set in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland about a boy trying to secure his mother’s love.
Key rights: Picador (UK & Commonwealth).
Title: Performing Male
Author: Robert Webb
The pitch: “The “funny, powerful and moving” coming-of-age memoir by comedy actor and writer Webb.
Key rights: Canongate (UK and Commonwealth), Audible (world audio).
Title: The Wild Magic Trilogy
Author: Celine Kiernan
The pitch: A middle grade fantasy series featuring “witches, wizards, magical tyranny, and a strong young heroine”.
Key rights: Walker (UK & Commonwealth), Candlewick (US).
Title: The Reunion
Author: Roisin Meaney
The pitch: A 20-year reunion is at the centre of a story about “secrets, sisters and finding a way to open your heart”.
Key rights: Hachete Ireland (world English).
Title: May Their Souls
Author: John Kelly
The pitch: From one of Ireland’s best-known broadcasters comes this evocative story about “loss and the power of the past on the present”.
Johnson & Alcock

Title: Where the Wild Cherries Grow
Author: Laura Madeleine
The pitch: “Delicious” novel of betrayal, love and secrets in the south of France at the end of the First World War.
Key rights: Transworld (world English), Lubbe (Germany).
Title: Age of Assassins
Author: R J Barker
The pitch: A three-book fantasy trilogy, the first title features Girton Club-foot, an apprentice to a master assassin.
Key rights: Orbit (UK/US), Heyne (Germany).
Title: Living with Death
Author: Sue Black
The pitch: A forensic anthropologist’s memoir on issues she confronts in her daily life (murder, dismemberment,  unidentified bodies) and reflections on “the calmer side of death”.
Title: The Mystery of the Black Sun
Author: Imogen White
The pitch: First of a historical/magical middle grade series featuring 12-year-old Rose’s opportunity to escape the workhouse.
Key rights: Usborne (UK and Commonwealth).
Title: Let Them Eat Chaos
Author: Kate Tempest
The pitch: The Mercury Prize-shortlisted rapper and Ted Hughes Award-winning poet’s long-form poem, featured on her recent album release.    
Key rights: Picador (UK).
Kingsford Campbell

Title: The Good Immigrant
Author: Nikesh Shukla (ed)
The pitch: Twenty BAME writers confront the issues of race and immigration in a book hailed by J K Rowling as “important and timely”.
Key rights: Unbound (UK).
Title: The Art of Failing
Author: Anthony McGowan
The pitch: A writer’s “journal, diary of small disasters, petty insecurities and mundane failure”.
Key rights: Oneworld (world English).
Title: After the Fire
Author: Will Hill
The pitch: Newest from the bestselling YA author has a teenage girl’s world collapsing during a confrontation between the cult she has grown up in and the US government.
Key rights: Usborne (UK and Commonwealth).
Title: It Ends with Blood
Author: Barry McKinley
The pitch: A playwright’s autobiographical collection of essays about being a punk in ’70s London trying to “win his girlfriend back and take every drug he can find”.
Key rights: Old Street (world English).
Title: The Ice Woman
Author: Ann Daniels
The pitch: The polar explorer’s story on leading all-female teams to both the North and South Poles.
Wastson, Little

Title: The Sterlings
Author: Caroline Smailes
The pitch: Set in the same world as Smailes’ previous YA/crossover novel, The Drowning of Arthur Braxton.    
Title: The Invasion of Silence
Author: Catriona Shine
The pitch: Début novel from a Faber Academy graduate and winner of the PENFro First Chapter Competition on a son and his mother dealing with loss.  
Title: If You Only Knew
Author: Cynthia Clark
The pitch: Psychological thriller about a criminal defence lawyer who kills her rapist in self-defence, but then tries to keep it secret.
Title: Somebody Else
Author: L K Fox
The pitch: A “different take on the missing child story”. A man takes a picture of a stranger’s fleeing car after a collision outside the school gates—but when he checks the photograph he sees his son in the back seat.
Title: In the Land of Needles and Pins
Author: Tom Kelly
The pitch: “Gritty and funny” second YA novel about two young sisters who, after their mother’s recent death, are haunted by the nightmare creature from their mother’s stories.
Janklow & Nesbit

Title: The Balance Plan
Author: Dr Rangan Chatterjee
The pitch: The star of the BBC One series “Doctor in the House”, Chatterjee’s book is a “short but comprehensive guide to balanced living”.
Key rights: Penguin Life (UK & Commonwealth).
Title: Can You Solve My Problems
Author: Alex Bellos
The pitch: The popular science author returns with a story of mathematical puzzles told through 125 brainteasers.
Key rights: Guardian Faber (UK & Commonwealth).
Title: The Mill
Author: M B Shaw (Tilly Bagshawe)
The pitch: Cosy crime from Bagshawe, writing under a new pen name, and first in a new series.
Key rights: Trapeze (world English).
Title: Out of the Blue
Author: Sophie Cameron
The pitch: YA début about grief and guilt, when 10 days after protagonist Jaya’s mother dies, “angels start falling from the skies”. Under auction in the UK.
Title: Party Girls Die in Pearls
Author: Plum Sykes
The pitch: Socialite/novelist Sykes returns with the first of her 1980s-set Oxford Girl Mysteries dubbed “high-society comedies with lashings of Agatha Christie”.
Key rights: Bloomsbury (UK & Commonwealth).
Jo Unwin Literary Agency

Title: Dear Mrs Bird
Author: A J Pearce
The pitch: A heart-warming novel about a hapless young agony aunt in the Blitz. Under auction in the UK.
Key rights: Sperling & Kupfer (Italy, pre-empt), Belfond (France).
Title: The House of Birds
Author: Morgan McCarthy
The pitch: Fourth novel from McCarthy about a man who finds a diary in a derelict house written by a woman who believes herself in mortal danger.
Key rights: Tindal Press (UK).
Title: Little Deaths
Author: Emma Flint
The pitch: Faber Academy graduate’s tale of “murder, sex and obssesion” in 1960s New York during a heat wave, loosely based on a true crime story.
Key rights: Picador (UK & Commonwealth), HBG (US), De Geus (the Netherlands), Fleuve Noir (France), Lind (Sweden).
United Agents
Title: Making the World Again
Author: Margaret Macmillan
The pitch: The historian’s latest on the aftermath of the Second World War, and how Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin brokered the peace.
Key rights: Random House (US and Canada), Penguin (Canada).
Title: The Americans
Author: Svetlana Lokhova
The pitch: A Cambridge-based Russian intelligence expert uses archive material to unearth details of Stalin’s programme of sending deep cover spies into the US.
Key rights: HarperCollins (UK), Norton (US).
Title: Mudlark
Author: Lara Maiklem
The pitch: “‘History of the World in 100 Objects’ meets The Shepherd’s Life”. Narrative history of London cum memoir, told through the objects the author found along the Thames.
Key rights: Bloomsbury (UK).
Title: Keep me Safe
Author: Daniela Sacerdoti
The pitch: Self-publishing star Scardoti’s novel is about a woman’s six-year-old daughter who starts talking about her other life on an island called Seal.
Key rights: Headline (UK).
Title: Persons Unknown
Author: Susie Steiner
The pitch: The breakout crime author of Missing, Presumed, returns with her second D S Bradshaw title.
Key rights: The Borough Press (UK).
The Feldstein Agency

Title: Trespass
Author: Anthony J Quinn
The pitch: Fourth instalment of the Ireland-set Celsius Daly series.
Key rights: Head of Zeus (world English except US and Canada).
Title: The Glass Door
Author: R M Clarke
The pitch: A début family saga about three generations of Irish women.
Title: In the Shadow of Hermes
Author: Eoin Lane
The pitch: A début novel within a novel as grief-stricken author Gerard embarks on writing a book based around a fictional manor house.
Title: Her Kind
Author: Tina Pisco
The pitch In 1894, a mysterious young woman arrives in a remote village in the west of Ireland, unleashing “love, hate and desire among the residents”.
Title: The Confession of Peadar Gibbons
Author: Declan Varley
The pitch: Literary novel about Ireland-born writer Lorna who returns home to listen to the long confession of her father’s childhood friend.
Rogers, Coleridge & White

Title: Cartes Postales from Greece
Author: Victoria Hislop
The pitch: A jilted man finds purpose again in travelling through Greece, writing stories and postcards meant for his former lover.
Key rights: Headline (UK), Dioptra (Greece), Vigmostad & Bjorke (Norway), Les Escales (France).
Title: The Secret Life
Author: Andrew O’Hagan
The pitch: Investigative work into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto and “Ronald Pinn” an indentity created to explore the dark web.
Key rights: Faber (UK), FSG (US).
Title: A Shout in the Ruins
Author: Kevin Powers
The pitch: The second novel from the acclaimed author of The Yellow Birds is set in Civil War Virginia and 90 years later.
Key rights: Delcourt (France).
Title: Ponti
Author: Sharlene Teo
The pitch: Winner of the inaugural Deborah Rogers Writers Award, Ponti’s début is about “isolation, unbelonging and the tangle of four female lives in modern Singapore”.
Title: House of Names
Author: Colm Tóibín
The pitch: A retelling of Agamemnon, by the author of Brooklyn and Nora Webster.
Key rights: Viking (UK), Scribner (US).
Peters, Fraser & Dunlop
Title: The Race to Save the Romanovs
Author: Helen Rappaport
The pitch: The revolutionary Russia specialist looks at the failure to save the last Russian tsar and his family.
Key rights: St Martin’s (North America) and 11 other territories.
Title: A Mindfulness Guide for Relationships
Author: Ruby Wax
The pitch: The comedian and mindfulness guru on how to manage all relationships, “for a healthier, happier life”.
Key rights: Viking (UK & Commonwealth).
Title: Speeches of Note
Author: Shaun Usher
The pitch: History’s most interesting speeches from the man behind the Letters of Note phenomenon.
Key rights: Hutchinson/Unbound (UK & Commonwealth), Ten Speed (US), Heyne (Germany), offers from Brazil and Poland.
Title: Christmas Days: 12 Stories & 12 Recipes for 12 Days
Author: Jeanette Winterson
The pitch: “Enchanting” holiday collection of stories and festive recipes from the award-winning author.
Key rights: Cape (UK), Grove Atlantic (US), Goldmann (Germany), Mondadori (Italy), Atlas Contact (Netherlands) and Thinkingdom (China).

Title: Victoria: A Novel
Author: Daisy Godwin
The pitch: A novel to accompany the hit ITV series based around the titular young queen, from the show’s creator.
Key rights: Headline (UK), St Martin’s (North America), Bragelonne (France) and pending in seven territories.
Hardman & Swainson

Title: The Unmumsy Mum Diary
Author: Sarah Turner
The pitch: Follow-up to Turner’s bestselling parenting guide which will document her recent “good days, bad days, giggles and the tantrums”.
Key rights: Transworld (UK & Commonwealth).
Title: 99 Red Balloons
Author: Libby Carpenter
The pitch: “Gripping” psychological thriller following the disappearance of two girls, decades apart.
Key rights: Avon (world English).
Title: A Year and a Day
Author: Isabelle Broom
The pitch: Second novel from Broom, about the love stories of three women, set “in the magical city of Prague”.
Key rights: Michael Joseph (UK & Commonwealth, ex Canada).
Title: Zero
Author: Matt Brolly
The pitch: The first outing in a series of crime novels featuring DI Kate Swanson, set in a near-future “zero tolerance society”.
Key rights: Canelo (world English).
William Morris Endeavor

Title: The Ice
Author: Laline Paull
The pitch: The Bailey-shortlisted author’s newest is about “ambition, betrayal and redemption” set around the melting Arctic Ocean.
Key rights: 4th Estate (UK).
Title: The Heart’s Invisible Furies
Author: John Boyne
The pitch: “Trascendent” novel from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas author telling the story of Ireland from the 1940s to today through the eyes of one man, Cyril Avery.
Key rights: Transworld (UK), Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands.
Title: Wild Child
Author: Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers
The pitch: An investigation into adolescence, which places this very unique transition in human experience within the context of the animal kingdom.
Key rights: Scribner (US), China, Taiwan, on offer in Japan.
Title: The Rules Do Not Apply
Author: Ariel Levy
The pitch: “Hauntingly beautiful” account of life and loss and a follow-up to Levy’s New Yorker piece, “Thanksgiving in Mongolia”.
Key rights: Random House (US, pre-empt), Little, Brown (UK), plus Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.
Title: Isadora
Author: Amelia Gray
The pitch: A “shocking and visceral” novel about the American dancer Isadora Duncan, who famously died when her scarf got tangled in the wheels of a sports car.  
Key rights: FSG (US).
PEW Literary

Title: Cherry Ingram
Author: Naoko Abe
The pitch: Winner of Japan’s top non-fiction prize, about a wealthy British botanist who brought specimens of Japanese wild cherry trees back to Britain in the 1920s and ’30s. On exclusive submission to Chatto.
Title: The Fountain in the Forest
Author: Tony White
The pitch: White’s latest novel “unites a contemporary policeman with a 1980s French commune and the Stonehenge Free Festival”.
Key rights: Faber (UK, pre-empt).
Title: The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook
Author: Michael Brooks
The pitch: The New Scientist columnist’s biography of a Renaissance scientist, and his own reflections on quantum physics.
Title: Superhuman
Author: Rowan Hooper
The pitch: A look at people who have genetic advantages over the rest of us, by the New Scientist managing editor.
Key rights: Little, Brown (UK), Simon & Schuster (US).
David Godwin Associates

Title: The Germans
Author: Frank Trentmann
The pitch: A “moral history” of Germany about the country’s move from totalitarianism to one so “peaceful, caring and compassionate”.
Key rights: Allen Lane (UK), Knopf (US), De Arbeiderspers (The Netherlands), Fischer (Germany).
Title: The Silence of the Heart
Author: Katherine Frank
The pitch: A social history of suicide, from a woman who has attempted suicide and whose husband killed himself.
Key rights: HarperCollins (UK), Scribner (US), Companhia de las Letras (Brazil), Hanser (Germany), De Arbeiderspers (The Netherlands), Guanda (Italy).
Title: Making Evil
Author: Dr Julia Shaw
The pitch: A criminologist and psychologist explores whether science can explain what makes people evil.
Georgina Capel Associates
Title: Breaking Cover
Author: Stella Rimington
The pitch: The former MI5 director’s latest in her Liz Carlyle series.
Key rights: Bloomsbury (UK, US).
Title: The Ride
Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
The pitch: The story of two love affairs that occur during the Siege of Stalingrad in 1942.
Key rights: Century (UK), De Boekerij (The Netherlands).
Title: The Death of a She Devil
Author: Fay Weldon
The pitch: “Wickedly funny revenge fantasy” and the sequel of Weldon’s seminal 1983 novel, The Life and Loves of a She Devil.
Key rights: Head of Zeus (world English).
Title: The Earth Gazers
Author: Christopher Potter
The pitch: The story of how the first photographs of the Earth seen from the orbit of the Moon “changed life on Earth for all of us”.
Key rights: Head of Zeus (UK)
A M Heath

Title: Enemies of the State
Author: Kamila Shamsie
The pitch: A modern retelling of Antigone, where a young British Muslim man is recruited by Isis and his twin sister will do anything to bring him home alive.
Key rights: Bloomsbury (UK), Riverhead (US), Ponte alle Grazie (Italy), Malpaso (Spain).
Title: Let Go My Hand
Author: Edward Docx
The pitch: A father and son on a darkly comic road trip to a “very specialised clinic in Zurich”.
Key rights: Picador (UK).
Title: Summary Justice
Author: John Fairfax

The pitch: The first in a series of courtroom thrillers featuring an innocent man, convicted of murder, who becomes a barrister.
Key rights: Little, Brown (UK), Piemme (Italy).
Title: Darien
Author: C V Iggulden
The pitch: First epic fantasy from bestselling author of The Dangerous Book for Boys, Conn Iggulden, writing under a new pseudonym.
Key rights: Michael Joseph (UK).
Title: Rogue Male
Author: Geoffrey Household
The pitch: Re-release of the classic 1939 thriller. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is producing a movie adaptation in which he will star, due to go into production in 2017.
Key rights: Orion (UK), NYRB Classics (US), Changjiang China, Kein & Aber Germany, Newton Compton Italy, Tokyo Sogensha Japan, Book 21 Korea, AST Russia.
Sarah Such Literary Agency

Title: Neuromod/The Fallow Trilogy
Author: Amy Lankester-Owen
The pitch: The first book in the new YA trilogy featuring Lori, an elite tracker and her charismatic but trouble-making 16-year-old target. A modern “Blade Runner” set in London, with an unlikely love story at its heart.
Title: Bee Boy: The Clash of the Killer Queens
Author: Tony De Saulles
The pitch: Superhero bee story from the bestselling illustrator of The Horrible Science series.
Title: The Migraineur
Author: Nick Barlay
The pitch: High-concept thriller told through the four stages of a migraine cycle, with four possible endings.
Title: Spoon’s Carpets
Author: Kit Caless
The pitch: Drawn from the hugely popular blog.
Key rights: Square Peg, PRH (UK)