Cover design round-up: May 2021

Welcome to our highlights from the mailbag of books published in May. We're a little late to the party here, so we'll keep things brief.

This Thursday (13th May) we'll be announcing the winner of our returning Designer of the Year prize at the British Book Awards, in an online event that is free to air. Do tune in, send some love to the highlighted designers, and make sure their work is celebrated as it ought to be. A number of them are present here (Luke Bird, Jane Buckley, Ben Prior) in a colourful array of covers, a few of which sadly remain uncredited after contacting publishers. If you do know who we should attribute the design to, pop us a line at, and we will remedy it.

Until next time...



Two Fourth Estate titles to start: Julian Humphreys designed Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Notes on Grief, with illustrations by Lossapardo. Otegha Uwagba's We Need to Talk About Money was designed by Luke Bird for the list.



A third Fourth Estate cover comes from Emma Pidsley, who designed the jacket for Luke Kennard's The Answer to Everything. Andersen Press title Outside, Inside, by LeUyen Pham, was designed by Jenny Hastings, with art direction coming from Sharismar Rodriguez.



Ben Prior designed the jacket for Clare Whitfield's People of Abandoned Character, which Apollo will be issuing in two colourways. Clare Weze's The Lightning Catcher (Bloomsbury Children's Books) was designed by Sarah Baldwin, and illustrated by Paddy Donnelly.



Gray318 desined Salman Rushdie's Languages of Truth for Jonathan Cape, while D B C PIerre's Meanwhile in Dopamine City has a jacket designed in-house at Faber by Jonny Pelham.



Two further Faber titles are up next: the first adapted from an original by its legendary art director Berthold Wolpe, by Pete Adlington. The title is Lawrence Durrell's Mountolive. Simon Armitage's A Vertical Art was designed for Faber by Luke Bird.



Luke Bird (again) comes up with the goods for Granta's edition of Pew by Catherine Lacey. This is the paperback; do check out the hardback, also by Bird, which is a cracker. Emma Larkin's Comrade Aeon's Field Guide to Bangkok, also a Granta publication, was designed by Arneaux.



A couple of Hardie Grant covers up next: Uyen Luu's Vietnamese and Maddie and Alice Bailey's The Green Indoors. The first title was designed and illustrated by Evi O Studio; the latter art directed by Stuart Hardie, with illustrations by Charlotte Day (and interior illustration by Nimalka Samarasinghe). The title also uses photography by Lesley Lau.



Neville Southall's Mind Games (HarperCollins) is credited as being designed by Sim Greenaway, with hand lettering by Charlotte Akers. Will Speed art-drected Hodder's cover for How the Freemasons Made the Modern World, by John Dickie. The cover is illustrated by Greg Coulton.



Rahul Raina's How to Kidnap the Rich (Little, Brown) was designed in-house by Sophie Harris. Louise Nealon's Snowflake (Manilla) was designed by Jack Smyth, with art direction from Nick Stearn, and photography from Kniel Synnatzschke.



We are led to believe that Pie International's fantastic cover for Ballets Russes is designed by Reiko Harajo, but are waiting for confirmation from the publisher. Lyndal Roper's Martin Luther's World and Legacy (Princeton University Press) was designed by Chris Ferrante.



Jane Buckley designed and art-directed the cover for Sophie Henn's The Best Worst Day Ever (S&S Children's Books), with illustration coming from Henn. The Miseducation of Evie Epworth by Matson Taylor (Scribner) was designed by David Wardle.



A couple of covers from Verso, which can always be relied on to come up with some striking work. Cem Eskinazi designed Disobey, while Melissa Weiss designed One-Way Street by Walter Benjamin.



A couple from Vintage, here: Ottessa Moshfegh's Death in Her Hands and Dennis O'Donnell's The Locked Ward. The latter was designed by Matt Broughton, the formed was an import of a US cover, which was designed and illustrated by Oliver Munday.



Three W&N titles are up next: the first two were designed by Estuary English, with lettering by Gray318 (William Blake vs the World, John Higgs), and Jamie Keenan (Dead Souls, Sam Riviere).



Our final two titles are Great Lives: Andy Warhol (W&N) and Cerrie Burnell's I am Not a Label (Wide Eyed); the former doesn't yet have a credit, while Burnell's book was designed by Myrto Dimitrakoulia, with illustrations from Emel.