Cover Design Round-up: August 2017

Cover Design Round-up: August 2017

To August, which last month I claimed was probably the most fertile month for cover design so far this year: we could have picked double the number of covers featured here, and you’d have struggled to find a dud. No pressure, then.

This month’s picks fly in the face of the recent (admittedly, probably more overtly commercial) trend for hand-lettered typefaces: staunch and all-caps is the order of the day/month, with plenty of the picks here utilising the style to grab the book-browser’s eye. In the instance of two covers by Yeti Lambregts for Tinder Press, there’s a distinctly letterpressy edge on show; while Verso’s clever cover for Fanaticism has a more anarchic, but no less striking treatment of type going on. Lettering in a “Miami Vice” manner—with a dash of Wim Crouwel’s griddiness which, should you read the book, makes perfect sense—adorns the magnificent cover for Ned Beauman’s new novel (Sceptre), courtesy of the team at La Boca.

Lambregts’ two nods means she leads the way with Profile Books designer Steve Panton, both of whom have two covers in this month’s round-up, which in publisher terms is a fairly even split: Bloomsbury, Faber, Serpent’s Tail, Tinder Press and Verso all have a couple of covers apiece.

As ever, let us know your favourites and do share your favourites from our Instagram page, where these will be uploaded throughout the month.



Our first titles are Bolshoi Confidential by Simon Morrison (4th Estate) and T is for Tree by Greg Fowler, by Black and White Publishing, making its monthly round-up debut. The former was designed and illustrated in-house by Jo Walker, while the latter was designed by Leo Nickolls.



A Bloomsbury set, ahem, up next, from Emma Ewbank and Greg Heinimann. Ewbank designed Kushanava Choudhury’s The Epic City; Heinimann the artwork for Nicola Krauss’ Forest Dark.



Canongate designer Christopher Gale conjured the livery for Odafe Atogun’s Wake Me When I’m Gone, while Helen Crawford-White created the fresh Freshers (by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison) look for Chicken House.