• E-readers reviewed: Barnes & Noble's Nook

    E-readers reviewed: Barnes & Noble's Nook

    By Sam Missingham

    Other at The Bookseller

    I am pulling together reviews of the main e-Readers currently on the market. Reviewed by people in the book trade. So if you are an author, publicist, editor, MD, librarian or bookseller and would like to review your e-Reader of choice, please contact me: sam.missingham@bookseller.co.uk Read more

  • Of gamers and readers?

    Of gamers and readers?


    Digital/Content/E-commerce/Developer at Orb Entertainment

    I have a view that, as publishers, we need to take our product to our consumers, rather than make consumers come to us. If millions of people have chosen the NDSi as their digital medium, then we need to be taking relevant content to them on that platform. Read more

  • It's community that counts

    By James Woollam

    CEO/MD/Owner at F&W Media International

    In July 2009, we implemented a community strategy at F+W Media International (David & Charles as we were then). Nearly 12 months on, it's interesting to reflect on what we have learnt, successes and where forward opportunities lie. Read more

  • The Streak - c'est chic?

    The Streak - c'est chic?

    By Tom Tivnan

    Managing editor at The Bookseller

    Well, they are coming out thick and fast in the tablet market, aren't they? O2 and Dell are launching the Dell Streak just a week after the iPad comes out (4th June). O2 will sell the Android-based tablet exclusively in the UK through O2 stores and online at www.o2.co.uk and www.carphonewarehouse.com. Read more

  • The dedicated e-reader: already toast

    The dedicated e-reader: already toast

    By Tom Tivnan

    Managing editor at The Bookseller

    In this year's Reading the Future, The Bookseller's third annual survey of UK consumer reading habits, we had an increased focus on digital. Read more

  • Sticker collecting for the digital age.

    Sticker collecting for the digital age.

    By Felicity Wood

    Deputy features editor at The Bookseller

    WingedChariot has is entering the race for girly-est app ever, with the release of its first picture book for the iPad. Emma Loves Pink is the first in a new series of multi-lingual picture stories for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and it tells the story of a ridiculously cute hare who loves the colour pink. Read more

  • Twitter In Under Eight Minutes (Book Trade Edition)

    By Nick Harkaway

    Other at self

    A while ago, I wrote a Twitter Quickstart Guide.It's a little out of date now and it's a sort of Aston Martin quickstart. It's a bit elegant and roomy. I realise that many people would prefer a Caterham-style guide, with no fluff and plenty of vroom.So the first section of this post will get you up and running in a few seconds.Just do it. Right here, right now.  Read more

  • Introducing the PocketBook 302

    Introducing the PocketBook 302

    By Felicity Wood

    Deputy features editor at The Bookseller

    The PocketBook 302 is the touch-screen sister of the PocketBook 360, fromUkranian-based Green Reader and on sale in the UK throughwww.greenreader.co.uk.Aesthetically the PB302 looks very chic indeed; it has a minimalist designwith a six-inch responsive touch screen, or you can use the buttons to theside of the screen to navigate.As an e-reader it really does do the job perfectly well, books load easilyand titles can be organised in the library as you see fit. A negative from a Read more

  • Digital publishing? Let's just call it publishing

    Digital publishing? Let's just call it publishing


    One of the more interesting things I took from the London Book Fair Digital Conference a month or so ago was how publishers treat digital publishing within their own companies. Sitting in Earls Court on a day filled with sun, nothing screaming across the sky, just an airborne toxic event hanging over us, there was good conversation and several excellent presentations. In the cab that took me to the HarperCollins party where "real" publishing was being talked about, I wondered what was different about digital publishing? Read more

  • Poetry, please

    By Tom Tivnan

    Managing editor at The Bookseller

    Slightly off-piste, but I just stumbled upon this. Bill Murray reading poetry to construction workers. Genius. Read more

  • The DIY award

    The DIY award

    By Tom Tivnan

    Managing editor at The Bookseller

    A difficult, bleary day here at Bookseller Towers, as most of us are still recovering from last night's Bookseller Industry Awards at the Royal Courts of Justice. Read more

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