• Conspiracy for Good: transmedia storytelling

    By Sam Missingham

    Other at The Bookseller

    Transmedia project Conspiracy For Good goes live in London tomorrow. Peter Law explains more about transmedia storytelling and Augmented Reality Games and the opportunities for the book trade: Publishers interested in digital possibilities for the book are probably thinking of telling stories across several media platforms, known as transmedia storytelling. Read more

  • Coffee anyone? Futurebook hangover

    Coffee anyone? Futurebook hangover

    By Sam Missingham

    Other at The Bookseller

    I suspect I may not be the only one nursing a tiny hangover this morning. Futurebook held its inaugural drinks last night in Soho. And, as with all good publishing parties, promptly drank the bar dry. We had hoped for a diverse group of digital people to come along and you didn't let us down.I had so many amazing chats with you all, a few that have stuck in my mind:- the designer from Penguin was there to discuss how digital will impact on cover design- developers showing me prototype iPad apps- a new audio-book app due to launch very soon Read more

  • Apps for Sound History

    Apps for Sound History

    By Jane Tappuni

    Agent at Publishing Technology

     Capturing the Sounds of Sheffield using a bright new audio social networking app Read more

  • #dearpublisher: an open letter to the industry

    #dearpublisher: an open letter to the industry


    In a blogpost here at Futurebook, shortly after this year's London Book Fair, Sam Missingham, the Bookseller's unofficial “chief twitterer”, suggested that UK publishing was using Twitter to engage in a conversation that embraced “authors and their fans, librarians and publishers, booksellers and agents”. Read more

  • We are the champions, my friends

    We are the champions, my friends

    By Tom Tivnan

    Managing editor at The Bookseller

    I spent the last two weeks in a bucolic idyll in the foothills of the Pyrenees—fields of sunflowers and lavender, salt of the earth rustics and haystacks straight out of a Millet painting. Read more

  • Right you are...

    By Felicity Wood

    Deputy features editor at The Bookseller

    How are rights shifting in the digital age? Last month I attended a Publishers Information Day, organised by the German software company Klopotek, which offered some insights into how the old ways of dividing up rights are being challenged. As Klopotek said: "The definition of pubrights and subrights is becoming more and more granular as most authors and agents no longer agree to the good old: 'all rights, for all languages, for all territories' anymore." Read more

  • Of lobsters and pandas (and Google)

    By Nick Harkaway

    Other at self

    So here we all are, waiting.We're waiting for Judge Chin to rule in one way or another on the GBS, and even when he does there will no doubt be further wrangling. I'm obviously not a fan of the proposed settlement, which strikes me as liable to bring about the end of the world through rains of pudding and exploding frogs, or at least mess up the IP landscape in a hugely in-equitable and unhelpful way at a time when clarity is really important.  Read more

  • eBook pricing: learning from other people's mistakes.


    I spend far too much of my time thinking about the music business. It's partly the emotional attachment formed by spending my formative years listening to jangly guitar bands on scratched black slabs of vinyl. It's partly professional too, though: I work in a similar industry, and if it's wise to learn from your mistakes, it's even wiser and less painful to learn from the mistakes of others. Read more

  • Easing into ebooks

    Easing into ebooks

    By John Pettigrew

    Other at Cambridge University Press

    Print is dead, or so the headlines tell us. The ebook market is growing rapidly and gets lots of good headlines. We’d all like a share of that, but how do you get in? Read more

  • Too cool for now

    Too cool for now

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    I can report today that Interead the company behind the Cool-er e-reader has been put into liquidation. A petition was made to Liverpool District Court by PR Beam Agency in late March, with the motion granted by a judge on 8th June.Interead launched a range of Coo-ler Readers in 2009 noted more for their colourful packaging than technical prowess. It also launched an e-book store, which it claimed was the "largest ebookstore in the world"—largely because it offered 1m public domain titles provided by Google. Read more

  • facebook for brainiacs

    facebook for brainiacs


    Editor at The Bookseller

    Considering the growing popularity of book-club style eBook store CafeScribe with US universities, and its latest announcement of a self-publishing platform for tutors is it time for UK universities to move away from the physical book, towards the ‘eTextbook’?
  Read more

  • Fun with metadata


    I attended the Partnering for Innovation event in London yesterday, organised by the Technology Strategy Board (http://www.innovateuk.org/) which is a QANGO sponsored by the Department for Business, full event details can be found at: http://creativeindustriesktn.org/beacons/. This is one of a series of events around funding for innovative metadata projects Read more

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