• Recasting the discussion

    By Nick Harkaway

    Other at self

    Here's another way to look at the situation:Book sales are weak. They were weak before ever the Kindle and its rivals came on the scene. Books are in competition with an increasingly sophisticated cable and satellite TV system, games consoles, and the web. Leisure time is precious and books are not the only way to spend it. The issue is not whether ebooks are a danger to the industry. The issue is whether even the power of digital is sufficient to reverse the shrinking of the book's share of people's time.  Read more

  • War! War! WAR!

    By Nick Harkaway

    Other at self

    Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!Get me Brian Blessed and a double helping of Russell Crowe!  Read more

  • An e-book pricing conspiracy tale

    An e-book pricing conspiracy tale

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Is Amazon about to strike back in the battle over e-book pricing? An online article published by a Kindle enthusiast berating Penguin for its Kindle prices suggests that the smooth transition to the agency model may be about to hit a wrinkle. Read more

  • The Judas Pad

    The Judas Pad

    By P COX

    Agent at

    There are few pleasures quite as onanistically self-validating as basking in the smug glow of hindsight, so please indulge me for a few moments while I reflect on the twelve tumultuous months that have now passed since Apple's messianic launch of what many at the time were optimistically terming the "Jesus pad". In hindsight, "Judas pad" might have been more appropriate.  But - how were we to know back then? Read more

  • The Dinosaur Killer (and why it's all okay)

    By Nick Harkaway

    Other at self

    A Dinosaur Killer is a vast asteroid which drops out of the sky and wallops the planet so that the conditions for life are radically altered. Some animals die (dinosaurs, allegedly) and others thrive.  Read more

  • Compare and Contrast...

    By Nick Harkaway

    Other at self

    Compare and contrast two stories from The Bookseller last week:Publishers express fears over price, paperbacks and fragmentation at BEA Read more

  • Best loved books 2009/10?

    Best loved books 2009/10?

    By Tom Tivnan

    at The Bookseller

    Some interesting stats sent to me by my man Peter Collingridge at Apt Studios about a month or so ago, based on a little site they launched a year ago today called  Bookseer. The site was built as a bit of a lark, based on the Book Industry Conference's Bookaholic idea. It's pretty simple: you plug in what book you've just finished reading and it spits out recommendations from Amazon, LibraryThing and other booky websites.  Read more

  • First thoughts on iBooks: believe the hype

    First thoughts on iBooks: believe the hype

    By Tom Tivnan

    at The Bookseller

    You may have been following myself, @tomtivnan, and intrepid Bookseller senior reporter Graeme Neill's (@gnei11) attempts to buy an iPad this morning on #bookselleriQueue. I, alas, didn't manage to snag one, but Graeme at the Apple store in Westfield did, and has brought it into Bookseller Towers. Read more

  • The quest

    The quest

    By Tom Tivnan

    at The Bookseller

    The iPad launches tomorrow. You may have missed that because Apple has been really quiet about it. In a gonzo, ker-azy journalistic exercise—something I imagine Hunter S Thompson might have done if he found himself working for a publishing trade magazine—Bookseller senior reporter Graeme Neill and I will be queueing up with regular punters at the crack of dawn to try to buy one at central London Apple and Curry's stores. Read more

  • The iPad Reviewed - Ben Johncock

    The iPad Reviewed - Ben Johncock

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Energetic twitterer and author Ben Johncock has reviewed the iPad for theBookseller.com. His review can be found here, and an excerpt reproduced below. We hope to review the iPad on launch date (28th) assuming we can get hold of the device from the high street. If Ben is correct then we could really be talking about a revoluation in the way we read and think about reading. Anyway over to Ben: Read more

  • Free distribution of premium content is like eating your babies.

    Free distribution of premium content is like eating your babies.

    By Jane Tappuni

    Agent at Publishing Technology

    “Free distribution of premium content is like eating your babies. You will give value away until you go bust,” writes Group M.There is an excellent article in todays FT:http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/ea7dfefa-68f4-11df-910b-00144feab49a.htmlThe article highlights more paywalls going up and an even bigger shift to charging for online content by the news community. Read more

  • E-readers reviewed: Barnes & Noble's Nook

    E-readers reviewed: Barnes & Noble's Nook

    By Sam Missingham

    Other at The Bookseller

    I am pulling together reviews of the main e-Readers currently on the market. Reviewed by people in the book trade. So if you are an author, publicist, editor, MD, librarian or bookseller and would like to review your e-Reader of choice, please contact me: sam.missingham@bookseller.co.uk Read more

  • Of gamers and readers?

    Of gamers and readers?


    Digital/Content/E-commerce/Developer at Orb Entertainment

    I have a view that, as publishers, we need to take our product to our consumers, rather than make consumers come to us. If millions of people have chosen the NDSi as their digital medium, then we need to be taking relevant content to them on that platform. Read more

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