Why a Book Publisher Just Announced a Multimedia Magazine App

Why a Book Publisher Just Announced a Multimedia Magazine App

Ilex Press recently announced the publication of the Pilot issue of Photographer’s i Magazine—a multimedia, interactive magazine app for iPad and Android tablets. Soon to make an appearance on the iPad newsstand, the Pilot issue is currently selling ahead of expectations.

So why would a book publisher do this? Our first experience with app publishing was the successful The Photographer’s Eye multimedia book app for the iPad. By moving boldly into book apps, we decided to sidestep the difficulties and limited capabilities of enhanced ePub formats in order to bring a deserving, best-selling book to market in an electronic media format that would truly do it justice. We believe we made the right choice as it has sold extremely well worldwide, with a £17.49 UK ($24.95 US) cover price. Photographer’s i Magazine was an obvious next step for us as we see tablets as the inevitable digital media delivery method of choice for magazine and illustrated-book app publishing. One can assume companies such as Apple, Amazon and others have a similar worldview as they are rapidly investing product-development funds into this ever-expanding category.

As our Publisher Alastair Campbell is quick to assert, we also realize that the lines between various e-content categories are beginning to merge—especially in the consumer’s mind. For example, customers are starting to view various types of published products as “content to experience on their iPad.” Because it has no adverts in its pages, one can ask: Is Photographer’s i Magazine an ezine, app-a-zine, or a book of interesting short stories (a question one reviewer has already posed)? Regardless of the label, the potential for electronic distribution of media to a device with a screen resolution that outshines print is immense, and that’s only one small part of what tablets can do: The immersive multimedia and interactive capabilities are truly astounding.

Photographer’s i Magazine offers innovative content in the form of text, photos, video, and audio—not as gimmicks, but as fully integrated elements that add up to an informative experience not possible in print. Led by Executive Editor Marti Saltzman former Editorial Director of Pixiq.com and Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. and Editor-in-Chief Michael Freeman, one of the world’s most published photographers, Photographer’s i Magazine truly offers the reader an unparalleled content package. We are banking on the theory that this is what customers will want as publishers and tablet manufacturers move ahead in these exciting times. The opportunities for delivering quality content in innovative ways to customers have never been greater. Isn’t that what publishing is all about?


Photographer’s i Magazine available through iTunes app store and the Android marketplace at a cover price of £1.49 UK ($1.99 US).