What’s holding you back from entering the FutureBook awards?

What’s holding you back from entering the FutureBook awards?

The FutureBook awards celebrate the best, most exciting and innovative people, projects and companies in publishing. So why haven’t you entered yet?

Here’s six excuses you might be making.

1. I don’t work in digital

You don’t have to work in a digital role or department to qualify. The awards criteria have been expanded to find the people who are changing publishing - whatever their job role. Digital might fuel a lot of innovation but it shouldn’t restrict it. If you’re doing something exciting and innovative in any part of the book business, then you’ve got the skills and experience to enter.

2. My company doesn’t have any money to spend on innovation and technology

Well you’re in luck, because constraints drive innovative thinking. A lack of money shouldn’t hold back your ability to have a good idea, test it with your target market, and demonstrate results. We’re interested in hearing about bold ideas that show us the future of publishing, so please don’t let a lack of funds or a finalised product or project hold you back. Share your success now.

3. I don’t understand what you mean by innovation

Innovation is over-used management speak, but at its core it’s about doing something new or different. So what does that mean for books? The most innovative book might still be print. Or it could be ebook or audio. It might be face to face, digital, virtual, or augmented. It could be any of these formats or none of them; it could be a combination of them or all of them! What are you doing that is new or different? That’s innovation.

4. I don’t work for a traditional book publisher

We want the awards to celebrate the diversity of those working in publishing and the book industry. We want to showcase and celebrate innovation wherever it is – in trade, business, academic, education and independent publishers, in startups and even in side hustles. If you meet the criteria for any of the awards, then that’s enough to enter.

5. It’s just my job – no one is interested in what I do

Congratulations – you work in publishing and officially have the best job in the world. OK, so I’m biased and know that publishing has it faults, but it is a great sector, with lots of different roles and opportunities. So why not tell people about all the awesome stuff you do?

6. I don’t have anything to celebrate or share now

There’s never really a right time to enter an award. You’re busy, you don’t have enough experience, your projects are at the wrong stage, you need more results. And frankly other people are smashing it and deserve the awards. Take a moment to write a list of all the great stuff you do, all your skills and experience, and note what you feel most proud of. You might just have written a draft entry! If not, you’ll have something good to tell your boss in your next review meeting, or tell your mum, or brag about down the pub. If the list is a bit short – imagine what you’d like to do. And make a plan to do it. Come along to the conference to learn from others, and check out the Futurebook blog for updates and inspiring stories.

The awards close on 29 September 2017. Check out the categories and criteria here. I can’t wait to celebrate with you this year, or next – that’s the thing about the future. Good luck!