What is the futurebook?

What is the futurebook?

FutureBook's a digital publishing conference, right?


It's all about innovation, though?

Well, not quite.

As we approach our tenth anniversary, you may have noticed that we've dropped both 'digital' and 'innovation' from our tagline and marketing.


Because in this extraordinarily unstable time, those terms no longer feel very useful. Everyone who works in publishing, whatever their seniority or specialism, must now understand digital; everyone, whether a conglomerate c.t.o. or a self-published author, must innovate or die. And nor are digital solutions or splashy innovations always the best way to answer the challenges exploding around us. We have to use everything at our disposal, from woodblocks to Weibo, to restore books to a central place in our culture and to keep book businesses afloat.

So what can you expect from FutureBook Live 2019? Quite simply the smartest speakers from both inside and outside the industry, taking on the biggest questions book people face. From James Daunt on bookselling to Katie Espiner on leadership, from Akua Agyemfra on brand-building to Chris Duffey on AI and Paul Abbassi on those known unknowns, it's a day designed to cut through complacency, overturn sacred cows and offer practical ideas for how to increase your impact tomorrow, starting right now.

Plus the big debates: how is social media changing what we feel free to publish? What does the past tell us about the future of female leadership in publishing? Why does innovation matter, and how can we make it work? How does the growth in audio consumption change our approach to storytelling? Is the print textbook dead?

You are the future: whatever your role, skillset or passion. Join us, shake up your thinking, and get your voice heard.