The UK Government had become a flagship Facebook Advertising Partner!

The UK Government had become a flagship Facebook Advertising Partner!


This is something new and I am not sure if I admire it or if I find it slightly odd. This clip shows an awkward scripted conversation between David Cameron and Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussing how the UK government is using Facebook to harness public opinion. Cameron is to be admired for understanding what Facebook is I can't imagine many politicians even know what Facebook is never mind enaging with it as a marketing tool. The government are using Facebook to canvass citizens on suggestions for financial austerity measures.  

I am guessing that this is a bit of a PR exercise rather than a stab at using social networking to engage with the civilians. Let’s face it the budget was set in June - this is a way to try and coral us to join the austerity bus and feel like we may even be driving it!

From Facebooks point of view it’s a great way for them to showcase their new adverting partners - The UK Government and to remind the world how great Facebook is for cheap cost effective marketing. 

The comment from the Facebook camp is loud and clear “Facebook is one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to bring ideas to life and deliver messages straight to your audience. This is relevant for anyone who wants to engage with the Facebook audience from government and public figures right through to global brands and local businesses…”

To leave you on a warm note from the interview:

Cameron: “It was good to see you the other day ... next time you’re in town, come and look us up.”

Jane Tappuni, Business Development Director, Publishing Technology PLC