Test your book innovation ideas with a global team of experts at the FutureBook 2018 ThinkSprint

Test your book innovation ideas with a global team of experts at the FutureBook 2018 ThinkSprint

Back after a storming debut last year, our ThinkSprint session will give delegates at November's FutureBook Live conference the opportunity to pass their ideas and challenges by a global community of future-focused experts. 

Whether you've got a big question about the future of books, or a specific concept you want to stress test, it's a fantastic opportunity to get some invaluable feedback from some of the smartest entrepreneurs across the world.

So how will this experiment work? Over to ThinkSprint co-founder Sam Reid...

The opportunity

Relentless customer-centricity is how the best are winning. By quickly applying new technologies, they are able to explore new opportunities to meet evolving consumer needs.

However, consumer testing alone might not uncover the competitive edge you need. The future is complex and hard to comprehend. You may get incremental insight but that’s not enough.

That's where rapidly sharing and testing your questions and ideas comes in. ThinkSprint lets you explore with domain experts, allowing you to see further and discover more. Our global network of entrepreneurs, sourced from a wide range of technologies and specialisms, can provide essential observations and feedback - especially when they're looking at your proposal or issue through industry-outsider eyes. We call it extended insight - and it’s a superpower, when used in the right way.

We helped Samsung understand what the future of screens might be in 3-5 year times. We advised Santander they didn’t need to waste time or money on a bot. And we’re helping one of the world’s largest FMCGs rethink direct to consumer distribution. We can do the same for the book trade, too.

The FutureBook session

ThinkSprint are giving you the opportunity to pose a challenge to their global community of experts. There are three types of challenge you can submit.

Explore White Space: Leverage the diverse expertise of their global community to identify innovative concepts that are both technically viable and commercially sound.
e.g. What will the future of audio books look like?

Screen Propositions: Get informed feedback on which elements of your early thinking have the most potential or risk, what you could improve or change, and understand in detail why.
e.g. We're considering building an interactive audio story that works via Alexa. Here's our plan (e.g. business model canvas) - what can we improve and refine?

Optimise Concepts: Our domain experts and will stress test all aspects of your plan from their unique POVs, enabling you to address blindspots or bias and move forward with confidence and rigour.
e.g. We've built a prototype Alexa app for interactive audio stories. Here are our design (e.g. user flows or storyboard) - how can we improve the UX?

The ThinkSprint team will then select a range of interesting challenges to tackle and present the output at Futurebook 2018, with Kobo's Nick Coveney on hand to chair audience discussion.

The week of the conference, FutureBook Live 2018 delegates will get an email with a link for submitting their challenges. So start thinking and talking to colleagues now about what you want to explore.

And if you're not a delegate, guess what? You should book now.