Startup of the week: TaleHunt

Startup of the week: TaleHunt

TaleHunt shares very short stories by aspiring writers.

The pitch

TaleHunt is a very short story (or micro-stories) mobile app, an app where aspiring writers can write stories in 250 characters. The app helps upcoming writers to showcase their creativity and build audience. For readers, the app provides real entertainment in seconds.

Who's behind it

TaleHunt was co-founded by Ameen Rashad, Salmon Kollaparamban, and Aby Mathew.

Mathew said: "I wanted to write a poem inspired by Bob Marley's song "Buffalo Soldier". I wrote the poem and posted it on my Facebook and Twitter but I didn’t get much response from my friends. I discussed with my co-founders, and that was the moment when we decided to build a community for aspiring writers. Since it was for aspiring writers we decided to make it for very short stories."

What's the gap in the market?

"For online story/novel publishing people are using Wattpad, Scribd etc," says Mathew. "But for very short stories users are still depending on their Twitter/Facebook page."

TaleHunt's founders discovered that very short stories are being told across a variety of spaces. TaleHunt provides one space for the form.

Success so far?

"We are getting feedback from writers stating that they are very happy with the app because their stories are attracting and appreciated by so many readers. For professional writers, we are acting as a platform to sell books (Amazon books) to more readers. For our readers, they are getting interesting and quality very short stories daily through TaleHunt app."

Biggest challenges?

"Right now, our plan is to concentrate on stories in English only. But we are getting stories in Spanish, French and German. Our earlier plan was to go to multi-language in one and a half to two years, but users are forcing us to reduce this time frame."

Ultimate ambition?

"Creating a new category of literature - very short stories (or micro-stories) along with novels and short stories," says Mathew.

Advice to other publishing entrepreneurs?

"Due to Amazon Kindle, iPhone and Android devices, in the last five years books and book publishing industry had changed a lot," says Mathew. "In the next five to 10 years there will be more changes. Today there are a lot of independent book publishers available, compared to 2006. There will be huge changes and if you are able to catch this wave, then you can build a successful company in this industry."