Startup profile - Glipho

Startup profile - Glipho

What is your company name? 


Where are you based?

The HQ is based in Canary Wharf, London.

Tell us about your company in less than 50 words?

Glipho is a leap forward from traditional blogging, combining it with a social network approach and deeply integrated social media to help our users reach a wider audience. We take away the hassle of promotion, so that our writers can focus on what they do best - writing!

Who is your target audience?

Anyone and everyone who has something they want to say. Glipho caters both to existing bloggers (you can import posts from the other major platforms) and to people who have never blogged before but who would like to try it. The Glipho interface is very clean and easy to use, so it provides a welcoming environment to both veteran and newbie writers.

What's in it for them? 

Writing on the internet can feel unrewarding sometimes - the popularity of blogging means that it can be very hard to get your voice heard and many writers are not entirely comfortable with social media that they need to promote themselves. Glipho takes away the isolation of writing into a void, providing its users with a supportive, interactive, welcoming community. The Glipho team actively works to promote writers on the site, using the company social media accounts, regular interviews with individuals on the platform, and publicising particular individual efforts. And beyond this, the site design itself makes it easier for our writers to drive traffic to their posts and to widen their audience - the social network aspects of the site enable active writers to be more prominent on their topics, reward popular writers by featuring them as "trending", and give people the chance to like and discuss content and follow writers whose work they enjoy. 

It is also possible for writers who blog on Wordpress, Blogger, or Tumblr, to import their posts into Glipho without affecting their original blog at all. So Glipho offers an opportunity to these bloggers to give their old content a fresh life.

And even if you're not a writer, you can still sign up to Glipho and use it to build your own customised content feed of writers and topics that you like. 

In simple terms, how is your company going to make money?

Since we just recently launched, right now we are only focused on growing our user base. We will be looking to raise a Series A funding later this year.

Where is your funding coming from?

At this stage it all comes from private investors.

What date did you launch?

We opened our private beta in October 2012 and the public beta in March 2013. 

Who do you see as your competitors?

Social Blogging is such a new concept that at this stage we are one of a kind. We expect competitors to start appearing later this year.

What’s unique about you?

This was a question that we felt our users could answer better than we could. You can see all the replies here.

From our perspective, we believe we have a good, clean, easy-to-use interface with really powerful tools to make blogging an easier task. Innovative features such as Trending Writers enable regular bloggers to get exposure within the Glipho platform in a way that has never been done before.

What are your plans to give your company exposure?   

We are very active in all the major social networks. We use them to engage with our writers, to promote their content, and to reach out to online communities who might be interested in what we’re doing.

Glipho has been reviewed quite widely across the internet by bloggers themselves, which makes for great word of mouth, and we have also received a lot of really positive features on Glipho from the global press.

Your vision for your company in three year's time?

We want to continue to grow our userbase – we want people blogging from all around the world on every imaginable topic. We have a lot of new and exciting features that we can’t reveal yet, but we recently launched the new Glipho Desk (our text editor) complete with focus mode – perfect for the NaNoWriMoers in our community – and our mobile app.

We’re already changing the way people write, and we want to keep doing that even more.

What is your end game?

Our goal was to create a new kind of platform where people could simply go to write in a social network environment. We’ve already achieved that, and more. The team gets new ideas on a daily basis for developing and improving the site.  Essentially, we want to gather as many writers as we can into the Glipho community – and we’ll be happy with whatever the future holds for us.

Three things you've learned from launching a startup?

Things are never as good or as bad as you think they are. A startup is an emotional rollercoaster because you can go from top to bottom (and back again) in a matter of hours.

Focus on the people who like what you are doing instead of trying to please everyone, because it’s impossible to do that.

A startup is a team effort and it thrives on creativity, so you need to listen to your employees and take on board as many ideas as you can.

Who are you?

My name is Roger Planes and I’m the CEO and founder of Glipho. Since moving from Spain (Barcelona) over 3 years ago, I have been working in the UK Media Industry as a developer and social media strategist. I was creating news websites and tools for journalists and that’s where the idea of Glipho started.

I wanted to bring the tools I was creating not only to journalists but to any writer in the world, offering them a new type of platform where the only focus would be the writing and the interaction that comes with it.

Would you like people to contact you directly? How?

People are very welcome to contact us directly. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and you can also email us at

FInd out more about Glipho, here.

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