Schnittman latest to call time on enhanced e-books

Schnittman latest to call time on enhanced e-books

Bloomsbury's Evan Schnittman has become the latest big publisher to call time on enhanced e-books, saying that they might have a future in education, but were a waste of time for consumer books. The quote is as follows: "Enhanced will have an incredibly big future in education, but the idea of innovating in the narrative reading process is just a non starter, I've been smug, and now I'm even smugger."

He used Carolyn Reidy's comments reported earlier as a supporting backdrop. I've reproduced the offending slide here.

Clearly Schnittman's not a fan, but his view resonated immediately at the LBF digital conference, being held today in central London.

Here are some of the tweets from the event, reacting to Schnittman's view:

"Enhanced e-books & e-book apps 2009-2011" 

"Evan is tombstoning the enhanced ebook/app"

"RIP enhanced ebooks and book apps 2009-2011 says @evanschnitmann. Bloomsbury throw in the towel"

"Sweeping generalization he may regret RT"

"Schnittman: enhanced ebooks and apps are dead. And a dead loss."

"Interesting to see the level of disagreement on twitter about Schnittman's suggestion that enhanced ebooks and apps are dead..."

Evan has also taken to twitter to clarify what he meant: "I didnt say they were dead - i said d[e]ad for narrative, immersive reading. Education, how to, etc... will have great use". I'm not sure that will save him from further backlash.