Rizzoli and Amazon launch BigJump, a Literary Award for unpublished Novels in Italy

Rizzoli and Amazon launch BigJump, a Literary Award for unpublished Novels in Italy

Rizzoli, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and the Italian startup 20lines launched BigJump, the first literary contest devoted to thrillers, romance and historical novels where readers will contribute to award a prize to the  participating novels. Authors can take part in the contest for free with an unpublished or self-published novel. Registration begins ends on February 14, 2014. To learn more about the rules (in Italian language), visit www.BigJump.it.

The contest features three awards: BigJump Rizzoli, BigJump KDP and BigJump Category

  • Rizzoli will award the BigJump Rizzoli prize, which will entail publishing the novel in both print and digital formats.
  • Amazon will award the KDP BigJump prize to the most customer appreciated novel and will promote it in the Kindle Store.
  • Rizzoli will also award the BigJump Category prize, which will entail digital publishing of the winning novels in each of the featured categories: Thrillers, Romance and Historical novels.

To enter the contest, writers can start by uploading their novels to the KDP publishing platform, and registering at www.bigjump.it. The contest then goes through the following phases:

  • The first phase is based on the involvement of the online audience. From February 18-to March, 16 2014, thanks to 20lines’ www.BigJump.it, readers can discuss and comment on the competing novels, which will be available in their entirety on the Kindle Store. During this phase 10 novels will be selected on the base of readers’ preferences on www.BigJump.it for each category.
  • During the second phase, by April, Rizzoli will select three novels—one in each category—which will be awarded the BigJump Category prize. The novels will be re-published digitally in May 2014.
  • In June 2014, the winners of the BigJump Rizzoli and BigJump KDP awards will be announced. The winner of the BigJump Rizzoli award will be selected from the winners of the BigJump Category award and will be published by Rizzoli also in print. The KDP winner will be selected by Amazon customers based on their feedback and the book will be promoted in the Italian Kindle store.