Review of eBook with embedded 3D Video

Review of eBook with embedded 3D Video

If you had told me even a year ago that we would start to see books with embedded 3D video before Christmas 2011, then even an enthusiast like me would have said you were a few cards short of a deck - but here we are, a kids book with 3D video.

A Dream of Christmas 3D is a children's book with two embedded videos at the end so that once they have read the story, kids (and adults with a new-tech fixation) can relive the story through video. The 2D video plays within the book, but to see the immersive 3D version you have to hook up your device to a 3D TV using Apple’s Digital AV Cable.

The book has been created by Andrews UK and it's more of a 'boundaries pushing' statement than anything else to prove what can be achieved. They have a bit of history of being at the forefront of eBooks. When the iBookstore launched on Apple apparently about 10% of the entire book apps content on launch was from them - whilst the rest of us were still playing around with whether we should be investing in Kindle or not.

I asked their CEO Paul Andrews why 3D now? “We are very pleased to have achieved this milestone.  Staying one step ahead of the global game is central to our business model. Now, whilst the latest buzzword is fixed-format – something we have offered since the day retailers allowed it – we’re offering books with 3D content.”

It is certainly raising the bar for publishers like ourselves (MX Publishing) - although we are focussing on launching all our new titles in all the standard formats, and working fast through our back catalogue, before we tackle something like this.

So there we have it - a 3D movie enhanced eBook. Is it the first of its kind? Does anyone else know of another one out there?