Reader's Digest E-books on iBooks

Recently, the YUDU books team had the pleasure of working on some beautiful Reader's Digest e-books provided to us by Reader's Digest books. Due to the illustrated nature of these books, the company felt that the four travel books should  be launched first on the iPad, which is so well suited  to displaying text and pictures to their best advantage.. 

Even-though you will find the e-books pixel-perfect and joy to read and browse, it is not their layout and design that excites us; It is their pricing. 


Yes, they tied up with the Apple iBookstore team to do a feature on the first four e-books, however the limited time offer of £1.99 is a promotion we believe gains early traction and we would love to see publishers experimenting with this technique more often. 


The beauty of digital products from music to ebooks is that there is no marginal cost involved once they are available to purchase. This allows publishers to experiment more with different price points. Once conversion and marketing costs have been recovered, there are no other costs per title, or better, costs per purchase. 


You only need to look as far as the App market to know how digital delivery is completely changing business models, and the effects of the scalability are incredible. iBooks purchases can be made in 32 territories currently, so a coordinated internet marketing campaign could yield spectacular results. We are yet to see exponential purchases of e-books like we do with certain apps, such as Draw Something which has been downloaded some 20 million times in 79 territories. Much of this is to do with the social nature of this type of gaming, and ideas and applications around 'social reading' in the digital space are quite new and underdeveloped.