Publishing is alive and well

I spent an enjoyable hour over the weekend geeking out over our FutureBook awards entries. If you are excited by what's going on in publishing (which I'm assuming you are if you visit this blog), then I'm happy to report the industry is alive and well.

We've had 109 entries across the 6 categories, already up on the first innovation awards from earlier in the year. The variety of entries reflect a fast changing landscape, things have significantly shifted since March even.

So far we've had 37 entries to the best app/enhanced ebook/interactive book, 60% of them in children's publishing. (In print terms kids accounts for 20% of the total market). Entries range from transmedia mult-platform stories to apps showcasing everything the iPad offers. Personally, I'm happy to see the children's market leading the way as this must mean a very healthy future for reading and learning. Or perhaps it reflects the rest of the market playing the wait-and-see game with apps. Success and scalability with apps; it may be a long wait.

Eighteen companies have entered our start-ups category. In my opinion, this certainly reflect the changes in the industry. New entrants are starting to make an impact and I anticipate several of these companies could take a few slices of the publishing pie.

We have also had a huge number of entries into our website category; 30 to date. Many think websites are one of the weakeast links in the publishing armour, but perhaps things are changing. Of course, the entrants aren't all publishers, there are also websites offering discovery, ebook distribution, online literary magazines and even digital almanacs.

Best integrated digital marketing campaign has had 9 entries, best technology innovation 12 and most inspiring digital person only 3.

As well as the UK, entrants come from Spain, Holland, France, Brazil, India, US and Canada - with a 50/50 split of UK to international. This is very exciting.

We would still like to have more people and companies involved in our innovation awards. Last day to enter is this Friday 4th November. Find out more here.