Online Book Launch for Michael Freeman

Online Book Launch for Michael Freeman

Much is written about "marketing on a budget", but more often than not it seems that the advice is still despenced by those whose concept of 'limited' is somewhat inflated. Ilex, however, have come up with a novel and exciting idea which can be implemented for very little indeed – potentially hardware you already have in the office – the online book launch.

Much like a traditional launch the author, Freeman, will give a talk about his book before opening up to questions – not just from the room but from viewers around the world via Twitter. Indeed Twitter, Facebook and Ilex's own blog and e-mail list are presently the only promotional channels being used, and we're very excited not only about the event but about not sending any money to advertisers. Pleasingly we've already had plenty of people signing up for the event, and a very encouraging response from our international co-publishers.

Michael Freeman is one of the world's best-know and prolific photography authors, with more than 2 million sales under his belt including half-a-million copies The Photographer's Eye.

This event involves using video cameras (though a single web-cam would suffice) and software to take the place of a traditional broadcaster's mixing desk. This is piped over a broadband connection to a service which acts as broadcaster, passing the video live to anyone who logs into the page at the appointed time. If you have an internet connection and can borrow the cameras, the only costs are the software and the internet streaming service. The latter will be minimal unless you get a lot of hits, in which cae you won't mind some expense!

If you've got an interest in photography, or want to see what can be done on a genuinely restricted budget, sign up for the free broadcast. Since it was my idea, I'll be writing a how-to guide shortly after the event which will be published on the Ilex website (unless it goes wrong of course, in which case I'll be fleeing the country! ;-) )