Mobile Payment Transactions to Double in Value to $200bn by 2012

Mobile Payment Transactions to Double in Value to $200bn by 2012

Mobile Payment Transactions to Double in Value to $200bn by 2012, according
to Juniper Research

Juniper research have released a white paper on mobile payment which announces that the forecasted growth of mobile payments is to double in value to $200bn by 2012. Current turnover globally for mobile payments is almost $100bn.

The report states that smart phones will fuel the growth due to the maturation of   secure, easy-to-use payment applications plus a growing realisation of users that they can make ecommerce purchases by mobile.

The growth is coming from sales of both digital content and physical goods. Digital goods include entertainment and tickets, whilst physical goods include groceries, gifts and books.

Report author Howard Wilcox gave more details: “Our research showed that the purchase experience has been enhanced by improved mobile commerce transaction processes due to faster mobile networks, more powerful devices and much more user friendly Smartphone apps. Amazon Payments for example has recently introduced payment-processing tools for mobile devices, enabling Smartphone users to buy with one click.”

In my humble opinion this could fuel books sales – there has been many time when I have seen an interesting poster for a book and thought to myself that book looks great and then promptly forgotten about it. Just this last week I saw a poster for a book that looked good so opened my Amazon iPhone app and searched for the title and clicked one click buy. Impulse purchase and converting outdoor marketing into cash ... the marketing persons dream! With so many book posters on the tube how long before publishers start lobbying for a mobile signal on the tube?


The report can be found here: s 'Mobile Payments for Digital & Physical Goods: Players, Markets & Opportunities, 2010-2014’ can be freely downloaded from

Jane Tappuni

Publishing Technology plc